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Freshservice is an powerful and robust IT asset management tool which is deployed on cloud and enables IT folks manage their assets from the tool itself. The user can keep a record of the IT assets being possessed by the company like laptop, tablets, phones, details of users to whom the assets have been allocated, application and software details being installed in the assets, updates/upgrades of softwares that are to be undertaken, incident management, integrations, knowledge management, service catalouge, etc.

Product Features
"Freshservice as an IT asset management tool possesses the required features which makes it one of the best solutions to use from the avai;able lot. Below are certain features of the solution:
  • Powerful asset management - A user can view activities per asset, undertake required activities for financial management pertaining to asset procurement, vendor management and also has a option for dicsovery probe that scans the network.
  • Single platform for asset management - Enables IT manager manage the assets possesed by the company from a single platform and track them as and when required.
  • Extensive automation - The tool has features which automates most of the process of managing a service portal for assets and make IT manager's life easier.
  • Incident management - Multiple people approaching for incidents and attending to all manually can be cumbersome. Freshservice is a one stop solution which helps manage multiple incidents ranging from network failure, password rest requests, document access requests, etc. The user can add solution articles in replies with just one click and can filter the incidents, sort them and automate them, as and when required.
  • Proactive problem management - The solution enables user to maintain a known error database, analyze root cause of problems, link problems to incidents, assets, add workaround/solution in less than 2 clicks, learn impact from within the problem screen, etc.
  • Change Planning - policies and scenarios change in an organization quite frequently. For this, the solution helps identify reason for change, create a rollout plan, backout plan (if needed), study impact of change, get easy CAB approvals, etc.
  • Custom user portal - Quite frequently the users get confused for using the portals, hence the solution provides a fully customizable portal. The solution provides a portal which has been designed to encourage users to solve issues on their own. It makes smart search easy, Auto suggest solution articles as users type and provides user catalog as well.
  • Manage releases - Helps execute best laid plans, manage new and open releases, test planning, etc."
About the company
Freshdesk is a IT software development company which aims to make its customer happy with refreshingly easy and simple to use tools. Launched in 2010, Freshdesk has over 40,000 customers across the world, including 3M, Honda, Hugo Boss, University of Pennsylvania, etc. The company has multiple offerings ranging from IT assest management tool to a customer support desk, etc. The solutions makes customer delight a child's play with Freshdesk ticket raising system and IT asset management with Freshservice.

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