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KURATE Marketing Asset Management

Sold by : Genuus Brand Advisory

Starting Price ₹8050

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About KURATE Marketing Asset Management

What is KURATE Marketing Asset Management? 

KURATE Marketing Asset Management is a best in class digital asset management solution for companies to manage their intellectual properties. Intellectual properties include pictures, videos, audio files, illustrations, documents, presentations, 3D files, SOPs, architectural designs, etc. It manages the digital assets in four different steps: 

  1. Creation
  2. Management
  3. Distribution
  4. Preservation 

The first step “creation” enables users to manage their work in development. Users can provide inputs with regards to the progress they are making on their current projects. 

The second step – “Management” involves tasks such as workflow approval, version control, and the logistical analysis of digital assets.

“Distribution” includes creation of internal and external target groups as a part of distribution cycle. 

The last and final – “Preservation” allows users to check whether the digital asset is used regularly or buried in the archives. 

What operational challenges does KURATE Marketing Asset Management address? 

Here are some key challenges that KURATE Marketing Asset Management helps in tackling: 

  1. It enables organizations to maintain digital asset accountability by making users in charge for the data. 
  2. Reduction in budgetary wastage and resource drain. 
  3. Time spent on searching of digital assets is greatly reduced. 
  4. Briefing for finalizing artwork creation is based on multi-layer approval from different stakeholders. 
  5. A proper organizational governance for decreasing the delays in marketing campaigns. 

What are the benefits of using KURATE Marketing Asset Management? 

Here are some benefits of using KURATE Marketing Asset Management: 

  1. Time and cost efficiency
  2. Helps in maintaining brand promotion’s consistency 
  3. Facilitates collaboration and breaks silos 
  4. Workflow automaton for quicker approval of marketing campaigns
  5. Consistent cost analysis for high ROIs 
  6. Legacy data management

What is the price of KURATE Marketing Asset Management?

KURATE Marketing Asset Management is available in three plans: 

  1. Standard – ₹ 8050 per month/-
  2. Professional – ₹ 9200 per month /- 
  3. Premium – ₹ 11000 per month /-

Sold By : Genuus Brand Advisory

Get KURATE Marketing Asset Management support 15 Chatting right now

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KURATE Marketing Asset Management Features

The standard plan for KURATE Marketing Asset Management offers an online storage space of 300 GB per month.
KURATE Marketing Asset Management Software’s Professional plan provides cloud storage space of 500 GB per month.
Companies using Premium plan are provided with 750 GB of storage space/bandwidth every month.
Users can save a file with the maximum size of 2 GB in standard plan of KURATE Marketing Asset Management.
The Professional subscription license allows users to save individual file up to the size of 3 GB.
5 GB is the largest file size that users can save in the software with Premium plan of KURATE Marketing Asset Management.
Users with Standard plan can create folders of the size up to 2 GB at max. in the software.
KURATE Marketing Asset Management allows users to create folders of 3 GB in size at the maximum.
The Premium license facilitates the creation of folder size up to 5 GB.
The standard license allows 10 users and 1 administrator to work simultaneously. It has 5 different user roles.
Professional plan has the provisions to handle 30 users and 3 administrators with 10 different permission sets and user roles.
KURATE Marketing Asset Management’s Premium is capable of handling 50 users with 5 admins and work through 20 different user roles and permission sets.
The standard plan provides an asset’s meta information for 4 users.
Professional plan allows users to store and access pre-configured meta information of digital assets for 6 users.
Premium plan allows users to customize how many users can have access and the rights to change the meta information of a given file as per their operational requirements.
Users can share the artwork or any other IP with each other and administrators can setup a restrictive download limit to share the artwork with third-party.
This intelligent media asset bank solution uses tags generated by the software to identify the content quickly with any hierarchical or semantical consideration.
The software allows managers to keep a version control of their IP/artwork. They can keep the same artwork with different types of alterations and label it for easy approval.   
Users can upgrade digital assets from time to time and maintain all update details in the software.   
The software offers real-time customer support through email.
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KURATE Marketing Asset Management Specifications


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KURATE Marketing Asset Management FAQs

Simultaneous technician access is limited to the license you purchase. Please, request a call for more inquiries.
ISL AlwaysOn is the application that provides unattended remote access to any device. It is available with ISL Online.
You can support unlimited number of computers. You can also run ISL Online on an unlimited number of mobile devices and computers.
ISL Online hosts data on cloud and it also provides the option for users to have their data self-hosted.
Yes, ISL Online is available for a demo before purchase at Techjockey.

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