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Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling

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About Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling

What is Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling?

Geosoft GM-SYS modelling is a GIS mapping software that helps its users to plot 3D displays of a model and control its various associated elements. The software is a leading solution for creating magnetic and gravity-related models for various government surveys and exploration programs of organizations like energy companies. It offers a wide range of interactive tools that can be used to compare the pre-calculated response with the observed data. Users can create insightful 3D models by integrating seismic, gravity and magnetic data. They can also make calculations for gradient components like six unique gravity gradients tensor and magnetic vertical and horizontal gradient. 

Further, users can model hundreds of bodies using the feature of tabular prism. They can also define the parts as per their unique properties. Most importantly, by using Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling, users get to integrate seismic, geologic and well-related data and other raster or vector information into 3D model visualizations.   

Why integrating Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling workflows with Oasis Montaj is beneficial for users?

  1. Efficient Team Collaboration: Users can share project-related progress reports with their clients and teammates on a regular basis to ensure better transparency and advanced teamwork.
  2. Effective use of Data Assets: Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling offers an optimized environment top view, makes comparison and integrates large volumes of geological, geophysical and geochemical data.
  3. Intuitive Model Exploration: With the help of a wide variety of modelling tools offered by the GIS software, users get to plan and create integrated 3D models for Gas and Oil companies. Thus, enabling them to explore the potential of their reservoirs in a better and enhanced way.  
  4. Successful Discoveries: Users can maximize the accuracy levels of their models, using multiple precise measurements and modelling techniques. It helps create more space for potential discoveries and minimize the risk factors.
  5. Confident Decision Making: By using Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling, users can ace up their data analysis techniques to support targeted selections and effective interpretations for improved decision making. 

Pricing of Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling GIS Software

For the pricing of Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling, you can request a callback. Our team will get back to you at the earliest.

Compatible Platforms for Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling

Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling is compatible with Windows operated devices.

Benefits of Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling GIS Mapping Software

  1. Easy Collaborations: With the advanced share option offered by Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling, users can share the progress report of an individual project with their team members, clients and knowledge experts as well. It enables better collaboration between team members and the use of funds and other resources in a wise manner. 
  2. Seamless interoperability: Users get to work with 50+ data formats including image, map and grid formats.
  3. Joint Inversion: The Joint Inversion option refines the created model to obtain an optimal fit between users’ data and model response. It also speeds up the modelling process by offering inverse modelling of gravity and magnetic data. 
  4. View Instant Updates: With Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling, users can perform susceptibility, density and structural inversions to bring down the residual errors between calculated and observed data. The significant properties of a model and output grids get updated in an automated manner.  
  5. Grid Response: Users can create the gravity or magnetic response grid of the model in comparison to the original gridded data. They can export a specific property of a model into an oriented section grid and view the interpretation in a 3D manner. 
  6. Editing Grids: By using this web GIS software, users get to edit their models as per their own specifications, using a wide variety of editing tools including inversion and grid editing tools.

Sold By : GeoSoft

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Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling Features

Users can create geological models and test their accuracy level by making comparisons between the model’s magnetic response and gravity based on observed measurements.
With Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling, users can constrain the magnetic model and gravity with an interpreted seismic sketch or section, well picks, surface data and LAS well logs.
You create close approximations of 3D structures, control the inversion process and truncate blocks in the Y direction by assigning new blocks beyond the truncations.
The GIS software incorporates grids, 3D voxels and geosurfaces to generate an accurate presentation of sub-salt density and salt geometry as compared to traditional modelling methods.
The streamlined gravity inversion workflow saves a lot of time. Integration with GM-SYS 3D workflow creates and imports geological models along with grid surfaces.

Get Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling support20 Chatting right now

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Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling Specifications


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Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling FAQs

Yes, users can create a model to test their hypothesis, using a wide range of susceptibility, density and remanent magnetization tools offered by the GIS mapping software.
Users can built-in models of any size and complexity. They can add up to 300 blocks and 1600 gravity or magnetic observations.
Yes, you can send a demo request for Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling along with a fixed time and date. Our product experts will get back to you.
Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling can be termed as the best GIS software as it supports a variety of graphical formats like Gocad, UBC and Geosoft voxels files.
No, Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling does not have a mobile app.

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