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Web School is cutting edge school management system software aimed to make administrative works of educational institutions easier. This holistic software solution enables the education institutions to handle all the day-to-day functions in a comprehensive manner. Web School is highly customizable solution having exclusive modules dedicated to effective management of teachers, students and staff records. With unique and competitive features, the solution is based on conceptual design and employs cloud-computing technology. The solution consists of automatic report generation and unlimited data storage capabilities facilitating anytime anywhere easy data access.

Product Features

Web School is school management and administration software developed on PHP platform by a club of passionate developers. The software endeavours to serve for the efficient and systematic functioning of schools and ensures enhanced productivity of all departments. Highly reliable and cost effective solution comes with the most friendly user interface. The solution is capable of SMS and email integration to enable smooth communication with students, parents, and staff. Web School system is ensured with constant access from any places where Internet is available. Administrators can easily monitor and manage information and records on this software. Teachers, students and parents are also allowed to stay updated with events and notifications at institution. The highly enhanced password security system will prevent from unauthorized avenue to school records. Compelling features of Web School include:
Admission Management: This dedicated module allows the institutions to manage student records efficiently with greater accessibility and consistency. The module allows paperless admission management with reduced manpower skills.
Attendance Management: Accurate student’s attendance calculations from joining till relieving date can be easily prepared and assessed allowing the school authorities to track absenteeism. Parents can also track the attendance of their children.
HR Management: Entire staff details can be managed in this module. Equipped with various HR management features, this module facilitates tracking the staff performances in various school activities.
Exam Management: Preparation of exam papers with the use of latest technology is the key feature. Online exams can be scheduled and conducted in systematic way with faster result generation. Students and parents can also retrieve the information instantly.
Time Table Management: This module allows effective timetable monitoring and tracking the topics being taught in the classes thereby ensuring no topic is missed.
Leave Management: This module administers the leaves taken by students and faculties. Reasons of the leaves taken can be traced and leave approvals can be granted from HR in the same module.
Report Generation: Report generation allows the institutions to create report of students’ fee remittance. The reports mention the amount of fee paid and balance fee.
Library Management: Single screen library management allows easier and error-free maintenance of the library stock including issues and returns. Categorization and coding of library items can be managed in this module with all essential details.
Transportation: Entire transport management including the vehicle details, routes, pickup and drop timings at each stoppages et al can be efficiently managed in this user-friendly module.
Finance Management: From categorization of fee structure to generating the customized reports describing fee collection from each student including unpaid and consolidated payments- all crucial accounting operations can be performed in this module effortlessly.
Payroll: In-built payroll capabilities in this module helps to calculate the payable amount based on various parameters such as working hours, deductions and leaves among others.
Hostel Management: The complete hostel management including the allotment of rooms, housekeeping, staff assignment and related activities has been readily facilitated in this intuitive solution.
Inventory Management: This highly integrated solution allows effective inventory management for various inventory items and stock management in the institutions from within a single interface.

About The Company
GESCIS Technologies, the initiators of Web School is a pioneer establishment focused mainly on software development and internet marketing, haves a clientele list spreading all across the world. GESCIS school management system owns a strong client testimony for boosting productivity and efficiency of academic administration. At GESCIS Technologies, dedicated professionals design and develop a one-click browser system that can be easily integrated with variety of gadgets, thus enhancing the functionality and interactivity level of student-parent circle with the school community.

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