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Goodbox Mini App

Sold by : Goodbox


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About Goodbox Mini App

What is Goodbox Mini App?

Goodbox Mini App is a tool mobile app designing tool. Along with that, it is also an exceptionally low-cost application that offers extremely high-end features. Goodbox Mini is widely popular for entrepreneurs who want to take their business online. It provides extreme as of access to users who are novices and experts. 

Goodbox Mini App gives you the much necessary head start that you need to get into your online market game. One of the most notable features of the Goodbox Mini App is, it offers you a website covered in its subscription. It gives you complete access to it and helps you manage it independently. 

Features of Goodbox Mini App

Goodbox Mini App is an excellent tool for small merchants to digitalize their business. Here are a few features listed below for better acquaintance: 

  1. Customer Relationship Management: Work with your offline customers and get them into your online space for the traffic. Goodbox Mini offers multiple partnership options inside their partnership modules. Create a customer database to boost your outreach. 
  2. Cataloging: Show your goods online to your potential customers, provide them with customization of their searches. Goodbox Mini is a great application to add details into how you want to design your application’s outlook
  3. Online Payment Gateways: Provide your customers the option to make payments online for a non-problematic experience. It lets you add mobile wallet service providers, UPIs, card payment, et cetera. You can even integrate a payment collection system into the APIs. 

Price of Goodbox Mini App

Goodbox Mini App is available in three different packages; they are:

  1. Basic Mini App – Rs. 2500/- per year
  2. Smart Mini App – Rs. 5000/- per year
  3. Professional Mini App – Rs. 10000/- per year

For further price and package-related queries, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you at the earliest. 

Sold By : Goodbox

Get Goodbox Mini App support 32 Chatting right now

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Goodbox Mini App Features

Manage the backend inventory-related issues with Goodbox Mini App, which gives you a comprehensive insight into how your goods are moving with concerning your inventory. 
Goodbox Mini App provides a fully GST compliant system. Produce bills and invoices for every transaction you make.
Goodbox Mini offers you multiple modules for partnership and distribution channels to campaign through emails and SMS. 
Goodbox Mini has multiple payment gateways integrated into it. Ease your customers’ payment issues with this feature.
Take your business to the international waters with Goodbox Mini’s multi-currency support. 
Goodbox Mini comes with premiere quality customer support that takes up and resolves your claims in real-time. 
Create a thorough list of all the products you are dealing with and update it whenever necessary. 
Minibox Goods allows you to take online orders from your customers. Customers can quickly sift through the catalog of your products and place orders through the app or website. Receive the payments for the purchases with online payment gateways.   
Supervise your catalog and design the outlook to make it easy for your customers to use your application or website. 
Generate discount vouchers for your customers to boost your engagement. 
give your customers an online shopping cart to order multiple items in one go. 
Goodbox Mini gives you a highly integrating app that fuses seamlessly with several interfaces at the same time. It enables you to manage multiple stores in one go. 
Sell items in bulk order. Goodbox Mini has the option to create separate channels for bulk order dealing. 
Goodbox Mini is equipped with free web hosting services for their customers.
Get access to multiple design templates to make your app and website look beautiful and appealing. 

Get Goodbox Mini App support32 Chatting right now

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Goodbox Mini App Specifications


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Goodbox Mini App FAQs

A. Goodbox Mini App charges a Transaction Discounting Rate for every payment of 1.99% + service tax. These are the standard bank charges for online payments.
A. Goodbox Mini App settles the cash claim the very next day after the purchases are made – i.e. in T+1 days (T stands for the date when the customer made their purchase from your app or website)
A. Goodbox Mini App provides trial and demo that you can avail at the request of a call.
A. Yes, Goodbox Mini App is available for both Androids and iPhones.
A. Goodbox saves most of your data on cloud. However it offers online working and updates the data once you go online.

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