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About Grapher

Present your data at its best. Grapher offers high-quality graphing tools so you can get the most out of your data. Grapher provides over 70 different 2D and 3D graphing options to best display your data.



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About Golden Software

Golden Software is a leading provider of scientific graphics software, specializing in the development of software that transforms both simple and complex data into understandable visual tools such as maps, graphs, and models.  Golden Software products are used in mining, oil and gas, engineering, medicine, applied science and university settings. The company celebrated its 33rd anniversary in 2016 with more than 250,000 software licenses sold, in nearly 190 countries and territories, on all seven continents.  Golden Software products are used by more than 10,000 companies and universities worldwide.
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Quickly create stunning and informative 2D and 3D graphs. Choose from over 70 different graph types and communicate your message to any audience with Grapher's extensive graphing abilities.
Control every aspect of your plot down to the smallest detail. Grapher’s extensive customization options allow you to convey complex ideas in an easy-to-understand manner. Grapher displays your data at its very best.
Make informed decisions with Grapher. Discover new opportunities and trends hiding in your data with Grapher’s statistical tools. Add custom or pre-defined fit curves, error bars, or compute statistics on the raw data for a thorough understanding of the underlying trend.
Seamlessly visualize and analyze data from multiple sources. Grapher natively reads numerous file formats including ACCDB, DBF, and XLSX. Grapher also supports most popular export formats. Easily manage all your data in Grapher.
Quickly share your charts with colleagues, stakeholders, and clients. Get your graphs ready for printed publications by exporting to high quality formats like PDF or TIFF, or share your work online by exporting to PNG or SVG formats. Alternatively, Grapher makes it easy to insert diagrams into presentation tools such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint with a simple copy and paste.
Get up and running in matter of minutes. Grapher’s user interface was designed to take the guesswork out of learning a new program. We worked hard streamline workflows so you don’t have to.
Don’t waste time doing the same process over and over. Create scripts to automate repetitive tasks, and run your favorite scripts directly from the Grapher ribbon. Grapher can be called from any automation-compatible programming languages such as C++, Python, or Perl. Grapher also ships with Scripter, a built-in Visual Basic compatible scripting tool. Better yet, use the script recorder to transform actions performed in Grapher into a script.

Plans and Pricing

On Premise

Single User

Rs. 31785.00 ( Per Year )

  • Create Professional Graphs
  • Deeper Insights
  • Collaborate
  • Streamlined Workflows
  • Visualization
  • Compatibility


Rs. 63635.00

  • Create Professional Graphs
  • Deeper Insights
  • Collaborate
  • Streamlined Workflows
  • Visualization
  • Compatibility




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Below are some frequently asked questions for Grapher

Q. What license options are available?

A single-user license grants one user the right to use the software license. For each single user license you purchase, you will receive a unique product key. This license may not be used by multiple people. A concurrent-use license, also called a “network” or “floating” license, is tied to a network. The License Manager or License Administrator software is installed on a license server on the company network. The product can be installed on as many client machines as desired. The product usage is controlled by the license server and is limited to the number of concurrent seats that were purchased.

Q. How can I add a seat to my existing concurrent-use license?

To add a seat to an existing concurrent-use license, please contact us to process the order. We will need this information. Number of seats to add and Product key of the existing concurrent-use license. If you purchase another concurrent-use license through our online shopping cart, you will be issued a new concurrent-use license instead of having a seat added to your existing license.

Q. How did I find my product key or serial no.?

Your serial number can be located in a few different places. Golden Software user account: Log in to MyAccount, click the My Products button, and your registered product keys or serial numbers are displayed. Email containing download instructions: If you received your software via download, the product key or serial number was included in the emailed download instructions.

Q. Can I backup the grapher Exe to a CD?

Yes, one (1) copy of the software and one (1) copy of the user documentation may be made for backup purposes only.

Q. How do I reinstall it if my computer crashed or I have a new computer?

Software downloads are available through our MyAccount portal. Log in and click the My Products button. Click the desired product key or serial number in the list of products to expand the product information section and click Download Grapher Installer. If necessary, deactivate the license for the computer that crashed or is being replaced. If you have access to the original Grapher installation CD or a backup copy, simply reinstall Grapher from the CD. If you do not have access to Grapher’s download instructions or the installation CD, locate your Grapher serial number, product key, or original order number, contact us, and we would be glad to help!


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