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995 /25 employees/month

  • INR 10 (PEPM) applicable from 26th employee onwards

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GreytHR is the preferred HR & payroll software for Indian businesses. It vastly reduces and simplifies work while delivering accurate and super-fast results. greytHR automates key areas of HR, payroll management, leave and attendance tracking. With more than 3,500+ highly satisfied customers and managing 3 lakh employee records daily, the company understands what it takes to deliver a high quality software service on a 24 x 7 basis.

Product Features
The solution is one stop shop for all needs of HR management ranging from payroll, leave, expenses, documentation, etc. Below are some of the key areas where the solution helps the organization operate effectively and efficiently:
  • HR Management: It's now easy to have accurate and ready-to-use employee information in one central location. Create unlimited organizational categories like department, location, etc. that lets you both classify and track employee transitions through insightful HR analytics.
  • Payroll Management: Accurate, fast & all-inclusive, the solution is loaded with features that result in huge time savings and satisfied employees. The solution enables comprehensive coverage of every aspect of payroll management, including statutory compliance. In-built and powerful reconciliation & audit tools make it easy to review.
  • Leave Management: Effortless leave administration that automates everything from leave accounting and grants to period closing activities. All leave transactions of an employee are tracked and leave balances are automatically updated. The employee, managers & the HR can view this information at any time.
  • Attendance Management: The solution has configurable policies and real-time tracking with e-mail and SMS alerts and works seamlessly with any hardware. Online attendance marking ensures accuracy and automation. Policies can be configured and integrated into the software.
  • Employee Self Service: One-stop employee portal for easy access to relevant information, either online or through the dedicated app. Employees can get easy access to information related to payslips, IT, policies, etc. All this can be done from anywhere via a browser or the dedicated mobile app.
  • Statutory Compliance: Powerful tools to automate statutory computation and reporting work. Areas covered are: PF, ESI, TDS, Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Fund, CLRA, Shops & Establishment Act, and Factories Act.
  • Expense Management: Configure multiple expense heads, define limits and rules for claiming expenses. Multiple expense forms for team/individual can also be configured. Payment cycles, mode of disbursement (cash/bank transfer) and processing (individual/batch) can also be defined.
  • Employee Document Management: The HR cab upload and keep track of unlimited employee documents. The solution backs up the documents on cloud for fast retrieval. There is also an option to selectively share documents & letters with employees via the employee portal.
  • 100+ Built In Reports: Configurable dashboards with charts and statistics reflect state of the company. Ready to print statutory reporting as per various departmental formats. A user can readily to upload electronic reports as per departmental formats. A variety of MIS reports related to HR analytics, leave and attendance.
About The Company
Greytip Software is a people management software company serving SME customers. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we deeply understand the HR and payroll domain. Unlike other companies we are a highly focussed business and do nothing else. Due to this and the continuous feedback from thousands of our customers, our solutions end up being user friendly and highly relevant to your needs. While our customers appreciate the cutting edge technology solutions that we deliver they love us for our dedicated, patient and highly responsive support team.

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