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About Tune (HasOffers)

What is TUNE? 

TUNE is a software to manage marketing partnerships for organizations. It offers separate modules for Networks and Advertisers for better output. The marketing management software automatically detects suspicious online traffic, and fraud activity, and rejects it during assessment of the marketing campaign. 

The software also ensures that all the marketing data is kept confidential at all times. It is certified with SOC 2 Type II certification for online data protection. TUNE partner marketing software also complies with GDPR ePrivacy certification among many other certificates.

TUNE Partner Marketing software automates numerous actions like monitoring marketing campaigns, invoicing, etc. 

What features does TUNE offer? 

TUNE offers a lot of advantageous features that help in increasing the marketing output of the organization using it; here is a quick look of the features: 

  1. Multi-Device Support
  2. Campaign Management
  3. Smart Targeting
  4. Performance Analytics
  5. Fraud Prevention
  6. Smart Linking
  7. Multi-Level Referral Tracking
  8. Real-Time Click Tracking

What is the price of TUNE?

TUNE marketing management software is available in two separate plans, they are 

  • TUNE for Networking 
  1. Professional – Rs. 20,000/- per month 
  2. Enterprise – Rs. 57,277/- per month
  3. Contract – Request for price
  • TUNE for Advertisers
  1. Bootstrap – Rs. 35,772/-per month Advertiser
  2. Start-Up – Rs. 63,013/- per month
  3. Scale – Rs. 1,07,530/- per month 
  4. Contract – Request for price

For further inquiries regarding the software, please request a call. Our sales team will connect with you shortly. 

Sold By : Hasoffers

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Tune (HasOffers) Features

This marketing management software provides flexibility in its usage. Users can use it on multiple devices, integrate it with their APIs as a secondary tool, and much more.
TUNE complies with all the international and national security guidelines to ensure high-quality data security and confidentiality.
All the work done by users is automatically reported from the software. It aids in saving time.
The software manages workflows in a smart way and decrease the risk of loosing data with auto saving features.
This marketing management software provides multiple-channel access to users for seamless workflows.
TUNE marketing management software automatically detects the fraud traffic and fake clicks and generates accurate results in the process.

Get Tune (HasOffers) support37 Chatting right now

Buy Tune (HasOffers)1085 People added this product in their cart

Call for Tune (HasOffers) demo2746 People requested to call back

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Tune (HasOffers) Specifications


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Tune (HasOffers) FAQs

TUNE marketing management software offers a software demonstration before purchase. Interested buyers can request a call to avail the demo and proceed accordingly.
After you complete the purchase you will receive a unique network URL for access. For example <>.tune.com.
For access to billing information, go to the menu open ‘Company’ and the click on ‘My Account.’ Then in the ‘TUNE Information’ panel, click on the following options to get your billing details: - View your billing information - Invoices - Account details
This feature is only exclusive to network administrators, go to ‘Company’ in the menu and click on ‘Manage Employees.’ Then select the employee whose access you want to change. Then in the ‘Details’ section, click ‘Edit.’ Choose the required option for ‘Company Billing Access,’ and click on ‘Save’ to update the employee’s settings.
Go to the billing information page, select the option ‘View Invoices.’ It will open a page consisting of all the past invoices.

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