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About HostBooks E-Way Bill

What is HostBooks E-Way Bill?

HostBooks e-Way Bill offers advanced billing and invoicing solutions for Indian retailers. This billing software helps in saving time by enabling business owners to get their business registered to GST e-way billing system. HostBooks e-Way Bill facilitates smooth billing workflows. It ensures convenient movement of goods with consolidated e-way bills for several consignments.

HostBooks e-Way Bill comes widely recommended by Chartered Accountants and tax professionals for its ease of use. HostBooks offers compliance for registration, generation, regeneration, processing, and update of e-way bill with the statutory guidelines laid down by the government. 

What features does HostBooks E-Way Bill offer?

  1. Business-Specific module for businesses and Logistics 
  2. Bill Generation
  3. Consolidated E-Way Billing
  4. Vehicle Number Update 
  5. Collaboration Working
  6. Chartered Accountant Support
  7. Data Verification
  8. Multiple-Branch Operation
  9. Data Import
  10. Automated Regeneration of e-Way Bills 
  11. Bank Level Security

What is the price of HostBooks E-Way Bill?

HostBooks e-Way Bill is available in two separate plans; they are:

  1. HB Account – Rs. 1999/- per year for 5 users
  2. HB Account – Rs. 4499/- per year for 10 users

For more inquiries regarding features, payment plans, et cetera, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you shortly.

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Sold By : HostBooks

Get HostBooks E-Way Bill support 19 Chatting right now

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HostBooks E-Way Bill Features

The software allows businesses to register their trade for e-Way billing. It also produces merged e-Way bills seamlessly for carrying multiple consignments.
This feature is specifically designed for Logistics / supply chain businesses. It attaches invoices to the vehicles delivering them and saves their vehicle number.
Business owners can add multiple users according to their necessities. It enhances team work and facilitates multiple people to work on projects simultaneously.
Users can import data from any source in bulk. It eases the hassle of working through multiple applications. 
HostBooks e-Way Bill allows user to manage multiple branches through a variation of locations.
The software offers a user-friendly dashboard that provides access to all the features to work seamlessly.
The software uses a password-based access control to maintain the confidentiality. 
This e-way billing software allows users to register their business for online GST billing.
HostBooks allows business owners to verify GST identification number of their business partners for authentication.
Users can input all the necessary tax credit details for deductions.
This e-way billing software integrates with current APIs used by the business owner for seamless data transfer.
HostBooks offers a real-time data sharing feature for managers and business-owners to get access to comprehensive insights regarding their workflows.
Tax professionals can file tax returns in compliance with GST guidelines.
HostBooks e-Way Billing software records all the business transactions.
This software provides feature rich reporting and an easy to use interface that facilitates beginners to get started easily.

Get HostBooks E-Way Bill support19 Chatting right now

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HostBooks E-Way Bill Specifications


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HostBooks E-Way Bill FAQs

E-Way bill is a vital document produced by the organization managing the transportation of carrying consignment of goods. The value of an e-Way bill should be more than Rs. 50,000/-.
The validity of an e-Way bill is based upon the distance the consignment carrying vehicle has to travel. Usually, for every 100 KM, one-day validity is provided.
E-Way bills helps user generate better proof of delivery documentation. It also provides details of the vehicles.
HostBooks e-Way Billing software uses cloud-based storage solutions for effective data management and sharing across organization.
Yes, HostBooks is available for both Android and iPhone platforms.

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