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What is HRFAST? 

HRFAST is an HR management software that allows companies of all sizes to perform at their full capacity. It helps companies streamline their daily tasks and supervision of those tasks for a simplified HR processing. This HRMS software facilitates the growth of organizations through automation of various HR-related workflow. It helps with the standardization of all HR processes and empowers employees with useful inputs and information.

Along with making HR an independent process with efficient and compelling supervision, HRFAST helps with payroll processing. The software has an integrated attendance and payroll module that integrates employee’s attendance data with salary calculation. The payroll module of this HR management software also helps manage: 

  1. Deductions 
  2. Advance salary 
  3. Salary adjustments 
  4. Bonus, incentives, commissions
  5. Payslip generation 
  6. Overtime calculations
  7. IT declaration forms filled by the workforce, etc. 

Why companies use HRFAST for human resource management? 

HRFAST encourages companies to perform at a much faster pace. The software is developed by professionals who have been bridging the gap between humans and technology in HR space for over 12 years. HR teams can access employee and process-related data remotely from any location. Moreover, this software for HR teams helps complete the entire payroll processing quickly and efficiently. Companies can store their handbook in HRFAST and share with new joiners at the time of onboarding. 

What are the features offered by HRFAST HR management software? 

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by HRFAST HRMS software: 

  1. Organization management system 
  2. Letter management 
  3. Live employee monitoring 
  4. Payroll management 
  5. Calculation of employee ROI 
  6. Training for new joiners 
  7. Report Management system

What is the price of HRFAST HRMS software?

The price of HRFAST is ₹ 75 per employee per month. For more detail, please request a call back from our product experts. 

Sold By : Adnac

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HRFAST Features

This module allows users to add and monitor multiple companies, branches, and departments. It helps in the proper division of the workforce as per your business requirements. 
The software facilitates employee profiling as per their designations and hiring (contractual and full-time). This module also allows HR teams to take employee requisitions and track their performance.
HR teams can create multiple job posts that are required to be filled through HRFAST. It also allows them to take candidate CVs and shortlist them, simplifying the whole recruitment procedure.
The payroll management system of HRFAST software allows users to process the monthly salary of the entire workforce quickly. It incorporates all the data, such as attendance, allowances, reimbursements, overtime, etc. 
HRFAST offers a timesheet to record the attendance of the entire employee base. HR teams can also create time shifts for different employees and record their attendance.
The training management module enables HR teams to organize training events for new joiners and existing employees.
This HRMS solution enables HR teams to monitor the performance of the workforce in real-time.
Employees can file for leaves and check their leave summaries. HR teams can set leave regulations in the software and work accordingly.
The software offers multiple pre-loaded letter formats for different purposes. Employees can just fill the templates and track the status of issued letters.
HRFAST is a report management software that provides detailed insights regarding HR workflow, employee, payroll activity, log reports, etc.
It has a GPS-enabled module that allows companies to track their filed force and schedule their meetings.
This HRMS software enables HR teams to accurately track daily tasks performed by individuals to calculate their ROI and performance.
This software provides a detailed breakdown of all the expenses made by the company in a period.
Companies can use this HR management software to enlist their assets and assign the task of managing them to employees.
Employees can be transferred from one branch to the another as per the organization’s operational requirements seamlessly.
The software meets all the regulatory guidelines required for payroll and HR management activities.
This HR management software allows employees to do their TDS projection and calculation.
Employees are provided with a self-service platform to file taxes and leaves. This module also allows employees to access the organization handbook and check leave summaries. 
HRFAST offers a mobile application for the HR to manage employee-related details from their phone.
The software provides easy exit management features to facilitate effective offboarding processes.
This HR management software allows HR teams to store all the documents online for easy access at any time.
HRFAST facilitates instant onboarding and conducts induction program for new joiners.
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A. HRFAST is a web application that can be accessed through internet browser on a desktop or mobile.
A. Yes, HR teams can restrict the access to data for employees based on their designation.
A. HRFAST uses cloud storage services to save all the office information.
A. HRFAST is not available for iPhone devices.
A. Techjockey offers a demo for HRFAST. Please request a call to get your demo scheduled.

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