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IBM Security Guardium
IBM Security Guardium
IBM Security Guardium
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IBM Security Guardium

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About IBM Security Guardium

What is IBM Security Guardium? 

IBM Security Guardium is a cyber security solution for companies to protect data from online threats and attacks. It is specially used by organizations that indulge in handling of files for intellectual property, confidential documentation, and much more. This data security software facilitates companies to protect their data from any type of malicious activities and reduce the complexity in handling data security tasks. IBM Security Guardium safeguards all the data in real-time through various security measures. It allows users to categorize their critical data and analyses the potential threats. This approach extends to a wide variety of structured and unstructured data depositories, such as databases, Hadoop, NoSQL, data warehouses, file shares, and many more. 

IBM Security Guardium enables companies to automatically uncover compliance risks they face to protect them from known and unknown threats. 

What type of analytics does IBM Security Guardium covers? 

Here is a list of analytics that IBM Security Guardium covers: 

  1. Discovery, categorization, vulnerability assessment, and entitlement reporting of the data 
  2. Encryption, masking, and redaction of the data
  3. Data and file activity and usage monitoring
  4. Threat identification and dynamic blocking, and masking, alerts, and quarantining
  5. The software checks for compliance automation and auditing tasks. 

What features does IBM Security Guardium offer? 

Here are the features offered by IBM Security Guardium: 

  1. Data discovery and classification 
  2. System scanning for vulnerability and risk assessment
  3. Data activity monitoring and alerting 
  4. Data encryption 
  5. Purposeful automation 
  6. Insightful reports 
  7. Automated system scaling 
  8. Guardium multi-cloud data protection 
  9. Guardium data protection for big files 
  10. Guardium analyzer

What is the price of IBM Security Guardium? 

IBM Security Guardium price varies based on the customer requirements. For further inquiries, please request a call.

Sold By : IBM

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IBM Security Guardium Features

The software automatically identifies and categorizes sensitive data based on their usage pattern and compliance risks.
The data security solution offers extensive auditing capabilities, along with use of redaction, masking, encryption, and dynamic blocking.
IBM Security Guardium supports both traditional and new data storage technologies such as Hadoop No SQL, and cloud.
IBM Security Guardium creates a data priority category and organizes them in a fashion where the most sensitive data is provided higher level of security. This system allows companies to handle their workflow data in an orderly manner
This data security software impacts the business in positive ways and allows you to protect important and confidential information.
IBM Security Guardium is capable of identifying advanced threats that are both known and unknown in nature.
Please remove, this software does not offer call blocking feature.
Companies can make sure that all the confidential organization data is locked up in a safe space digitally.
IBM Security Guardium can be integrated with other applications of your organization for securing the workflow.

Get IBM Security Guardium support35 Chatting right now

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IBM Security Guardium Specifications

IBM Security Guardium Reviews

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IBM Security Guardium FAQs

A. Techjockey offers a demo for IBM Security Guardium. Please request a call to avail your demo.
A. IBM Security Guardium is used by companies with the following types of workflow requirement: 1. Cloud environments 2. Applications 3. Big-data platforms 4. Databases and data warehouses 5. File systems 6. IP companies
A. No, IBM Security Guardium is not built for mobile phone access. But it does provide security for mobile devices through PC.
A. Yes, IBM Security Guardium is compliant with PCI DSS guidelines.
A. IBM Security Guardium is a flexible working solution that works for all types of storage systems including cloud, on-premise, and home server.

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