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IBM SPSS Modeler

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About IBM SPSS Modeler

What is IBM SPSS Modeler?

IBM SPSS Modeler is a futuristic machine learning and statistical analysis software for enterprises that help them tap into modern applications and data assets using comprehensive algorithms that are ready for instant use. The highly visual data mining and machine-learning modules of IBM SPSS Modeler enables organizations to perform a multitude of tasks including predictive analysis, data preparation, data discovery, model management, deployment and so on. Organizations can also take advantage of languages based on open sources, like R and Python. The software uses unstructured data to capture themes, key concepts and trends in real-time. 

What type of business benefits are offered by IBM SPSS Modeler?

  1. Analytics: IBM SPSS Modeler provides smart analytics enabling organizations to leverage geographic data based on postal codes, latitudes, longitudes, addresses and more. They can easily uncover business-relevant insights within blog content, emails, feedback and comments on social media.
  2. Multiple Methods: With IBM SPSS Modeler, enterprises can benefit from hierarchical and ensemble models, support temporal casual and vector machine modeling. It is also compatible with neural networks, decision trees and regression models. Organizations can also leverage ARIMA, ARMA and exponential smoothing.  
  3. Data Science: Data scientists can enrich their skills based on the programmatic and visual experiences offered by IBM SPSS Modeler. They can also take advantage of open source innovation including Python or R. 

Pricing of IBM SPSS Modeler

The pricing of IBM SPSS Modeler is available on request. You can generate a callback request, and our software executives will get back to you in real-time.

The Compatible Platforms for IBM SPSS Modeler

IBM SPSS Modeler is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Unix and Linux platforms. 

Benefits of IBM SPSS Modeler

  1. Integration: Integration with other IBM SPSS software products, facilitates easy management of tasks like data preparation, manipulation, reporting, testing within a single data mining workbench. Latest integrations further allow the users to streamline best of breed services from a single vendor that ranges from data management to predictive intelligence and decision making.
  2. Scalable: IBM SPSS Modeler is an advanced scalable platform that enables users to undergo hassle-free expansion. They also get to depend on GUI-based machine learning and data science algorithms. 

Sold By : IBM

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IBM SPSS Modeler Features

The software can read data from multiple sources such as spreadsheets, prominent relational databases, flat files, Hadoop and IBM Planning Analytics.
The solution facilitates enterprises to save and deploy models from the most relevant machine learning frameworks of their choice including Modeler Flows and notebooks.
The system auto transforms data into the best format to produce accurate predictive modeling. Enterprises can analyze data, screen out fields, identify fixes and derive new attributes in a few clicks.
The robust Graphics Engine via Watson Studio Desktop provides a smart chart recommender, which finds the best-suited chart for a particular data, enabling hassle-free insight sharing.  
The software offers an advanced graphical interface, facilitating business users and analysts to get a step-by-step clear view and add their expert comments as well. 
The software is capable of comparing several results and multiple modeling methods, enabling users to select the best-executed algorithm.  
The software can capture themes, key concepts, trends and sentiments by analyzing unstructured data in text format which enables you to uncover emails, customer feedback and more. 
The software supports neural networks, decision trees, and regression models. Users can also get access to ARIMA, exponential smoothing and ARMA.

Get IBM SPSS Modeler  support35 Chatting right now

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IBM SPSS Modeler Specifications


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A. Generate a project and update the data>Visit project home page and generate an SPSS Modeler flow, click on add to project and select Model flow> import data> inspect the particular> prepare them> train ML model> evaluate results.
A. IBM SPSS Modeler provides a wide range of tools including notebooks and Modeler Flows in Watson Studio Desktop, IDE for Python etc.
A. Yes, you can request an online demo of IBM SPSS Modeler. Our executives will get back to you as per your convenient time schedule.
A. The software offers JSON nodes, facilitating easy import and export of data in JSON format.
A. No, IBM SPSS Modeler does not have a dedicated mobile app as of now.

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