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IBM Watson Assistance

Sold by : IBM


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About IBM Watson Assistance

What is IBM Watson Assistance?

IBM Watson Assistance is a conversational AI platform used by companies to provide customers with accurate, fast and forthright solutions to their queries. The software is thus efficient at delivering quick and accurate information across any channel at any scale. Why? Because the software supports both on-premise and in the cloud deployment.

Capable of working across different channels, devices and applications, Watson Assistance helps with reducing the burden on customer support agents in an organization as well as minimizing risks related to disruptions during peak hours. How the software does this? The platform performs this function by utilizing the inbuilt automated response system for handling common inquiries.

With a more streamlined customer support system, IBM Watson Assistance helps organizations focus well on complex issues while at the same time taking care of all kinds of repetitive and common issues 24/7. Even during the off-hours, IBM Watson Assistance works in the background for providing complete customer care solutions.

Why use IBM Watson Assistance API?

Here are some popular reasons why IBM Watson Assistance is used by organizations:

  1. Delivering top-notch customer experience: The software supports quick responses across multiple channels using both speech and text-based form of communication. There is no requirement for any multiple point system as Watson Assistance provides instinctive answers for all kinds of repetitive queries.
  2. Quick setup: IBM Watson Assistance helps organizations set up quickly automated response systems. End users are therefore left with sufficient time to focus on customer issues as early as possible.
  3. Risk reduction and speedy resolution: The response automation mechanism depends on NLU sources for increasing the speed of solving customer's queries. Thus scaling customer service operations is always reliable and responsive with support from the software's automated response generation system.

What are some key IBM Watson Assistance features?

Here are some features of IBM Watson Assistance for which it is widely used:

  1. Omnichannel support
  2. Webchat
  3. Voice chat
  4. Intuitive query clarification
  5. Automated transfer to an agent when complex queries emerge
  6. Multitasker
  7. Simple dialog builder

What is the price of IBM Watson Assistance?

The price of IBM Watson Assistance is available on demand. So please request a call to get the information regarding price and available customizations.

Sold By : IBM

Get IBM Watson Assistance support 27 Chatting right now

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IBM Watson Assistance Features

IBM Watson Assistance lets organizations integrate this application with all the existing communication platforms in their system for better response management.
This response automation software allows end users to manage integrations with different solutions and monitor their respective simultaneously.  
IBM Watson makes sure that all user information is safely stored and restricted from unauthorized accesses of any kind.
Watson Assistance is certified with ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018. It is also compliant with GDPR and HIPAA.
The software is equipped with natural language understanding code for creating smart assistance to all your business requirements.
IBM Watson Assistance uses AI-powered engine for suggesting smart recommendations to all its users.

Get IBM Watson Assistance support27 Chatting right now

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IBM Watson Assistance Specifications


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IBM Watson Assistance FAQs

A. IBM Watson Assistance price is based on the number of messages responded to on a monthly basis.
A. This conversational AI platform has 5 dialog skills with each skill comprising of 100 dialog nodes.
A. Yes, you can select prebuilt content from its prebuilt library system.
IBM Watson Assistance offers two different plans. They are:

1. Plus

2. Premium
A. Yes, IBM Watson Assistance is available for a demo before purchase at TechJockey. Please request a call in case of such requirements. The support team from the sales department would get in touch with you at your convenient time.

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