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15 /student/month (min 100 student)

  • The above price is for less than 500 students (minimum 100 students)
  • For 501 – 1000 students, the price will be INR 12/student/month
  • For 1000+ students, the price will be INR 10/student/month
  • For Edsine Hosted, the price will be INR 2,00,000/license
  • For Edsine Premise, the price will be INR 3,00,000

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Edsine is a cutting-edge online school, college and administration management system developed by IDLEminds Technologies. The innovative software facilitates school management, teachers, parents as well as students with smooth functioning and access to various school/college management processes. Edsine empower schools/colleges with comprehensive management analysis, online management and administration, reduced cost and better integration of departments, enhanced real-time decision support and academic performance tracking.

Product Features
Edsine has been specially designed to cater to the needs of effective management and administration in schools/colleges. The software delivers the most comprehensive features in an intuitive and user friendly manner. Categorized into various exclusive modules for each operation, the software allows teachers, students, parents and the management for effortless operations and on the go access with the user friendly interface. Edsine is available as SaaS, hosted and on premise software solution. The eminent features exhibited by Edsine include:
  • Student Information Management: The schools can now add, update and view student profile information effortlessly. Listing and searching the student records using various filters like academic session (for historical records), grade, stream, section and branch or student details are facilitated within the user friendly module.
  • Faculty and Staff: In this module, the staff profile information can be added, updated and viewed. The module also enables to list and search staff records using various filters like academic session (for historical records), branch or staff details. Staff can be mapped with branch, department, grade and course.
  • Finance: This auto- calculative module allow schools to deal with financial aspects including fee and payroll. Students’ fee and staff’s pay structures can be defined and updated after any transaction including payment of fee or in case any deductions in the pay are made. Payroll has been integrated with the leave management module for accurate calculation of employee work days and hence right salary being credited.
  • Library: Library records can be well managed in terms of addition, updation and searching of library items. The availability of library items and maintenance of entire inventory can be efficiently handled using this module.
  • Recruitment Management: Multiple job postings can be created online and can be tracked by internal as well as guest users. Guest users can create their profile and apply against the job postings and track status of application progress through this module. Employees and students can view postings and upload resume of their referrals against the postings and track them. On selection, offer letters can also be generated online.
  • Leave Management: ‘Holiday Calendar’ can be created to be viewed by staff, students and parents. Leave category baskets and leave inventory for those specific baskets for a session can also be created within this module. Various leave basket rules for carry forward, half-day, leave encashment, etc. can also be defined and staff can check their leave balance, leave availed and carried forward online. Auto-calculation of leave inventory is done by the system.
  • Hostel Management: Hostel elements and processes can be managed effectively including allotment of rooms, tracking of visitor’s etc.
  • Notice Board and Circulars: This module allows the creation of HTML enabled general school notices. Administrators can edit HTML tags to make the circular appealing and notices are visible to all users on the notice board located on dashboard. Circulars for specific grades with auto visibility and expiry dates can be defined and can be viewed by the students as well as parents.
  • Attendance: Integration of the access control systems placed at entrance gates/rooms/labs with Edsine to automatically capture the attendance of students and staffs is enabled. Teachers can also manually mark attendance of students. All entities including students, staff, parents, management and administration can view the attendance status anytime from anywhere. This module also allows generating various reports on attendance. Integrated SMS alerts provide real-time attendance updates to parents.
  • Homework: Homework for students of a particular grade, stream and section with due date in the form of description and attachments can be effortlessly defined within this module. Students and parents can see the homework details and students are allowed to upload their homework after completion. Teachers can evaluate homework and enter remarks in the module accessible by the student’s online.
  • Parent Communication: SMS and email communication has been facilitated with auto integration of SMS facility thereby allowing smooth communication with parents.
  • Transportation: This module caters to complete automation, definition and maintenance routes and route stops, transport request tracking, route and stop allocation to student and staff, and vehicle maintenance.
  • Exam Management: This module allows the examination department to set up examination schedules, record the marks details, creation of report card/transcripts, define the seating arrangement and track students’ performance with respect to the entire class.
  • Timetable: The academic staff can create regular timetable for each class for all the weeks in a session using this module. Allocation of staff, subjects, activities and rooms against periods to be held every day and holidays integrated in timetable are available as some of the powerful features of this module.
  • CCE: The module allows schools to set up and configure CCE for a session for different grades and define annual weight ages as per the changing guidelines from CBSE. Schedules for the activities defined in FA and SA for a specific course and grade can be defined. Calculation of grades and generation of CBSE report cards in different formats is automated. Results can be made accessible online to students and parents.
  • Admission: The registration and admission module provides personal guest accounts to prospective students, parents and job seekers through which they can register themselves.  Using the guest login, they can apply for admission or job online, save their application and get updates on the status of their application. On selection, Edsine transfers the application details automatically to student's or staff's personnel records for maintenance and view.
  • Dashboard: The intuitive dashboard integrated within the Edsine software enables to analyze fee collection trends for a school branch, grade, section, stream and session, exam data of the school and generate/examine trends. Various pre-defined filters can be used to slice and dice data in the charts. Data can also be exported to Excel for further reference.
  • Analytics Report: Reports of various modules for students and parents can be generated as and when required. For teachers, staff, administrators and management the module offers a variety of reports thereby facilitating them to analyze various elements and helping in decision making accordingly.
About The Company
IDLEminds Technologies is a software development company that provides customized IT services and consulting to clients globally. The software solutions developed by IDLEminds are based on client’s business processes and functional requirements insights by utilizing the available pool of technical skill sets and proven methodologies optimally. The company offers project management and quality processes combined with highly qualified technical skills through the offshore facilities in India. The software solutions form the company caters to automation needs of companies of all sizes, multiple industries domains and verticals, following a full or partial systems development life cycle.

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