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IDOS is India’s first Cloud Accounting and Finance Software which handles end to end accounting needs and Financial Management needs for any business. It has the vision of ‘Where ever there is a business there is IDOS’. An accounting software should make a business faster & better and should make a business owner powerful. Accordingly, all of IDOS' features are very easy to input and work on one click. 



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About IDOS India

IDOS India Private Limited is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The company was founded by Alexander Reife and Cheruku Srikanth. Having worked for some of the top companies in the Accounting and Finance space, and held business of their own, they have a keen understanding of what a business needs. 
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Plans and Pricing



Rs. 5000.00 ( Per Year )

  • Integrated With Microsoft Office 365
  • Automatic & correct journal entries. No need for manual selection of ledgers & passing debit / credit entries
  • Automatic correct ledger posting & updation
  • Automatic computation of tax (GST) for sales transactions
  • Automatic generation of GST Compliant invoice for sales transactions
  • Automatic computation of withholding tax (TDS)
  • Automatic accounting of GST / TDS under correct ledger accounts
  • Automatic preparation of GST returns through ASP / GSP integration
  • Automatic computation & accounting of reverse charge under GST
  • Automatic / real-time Trial balance updation
  • Automatic Profit & Loss account and balance sheet in vertical format
  • Automatic contra entries
  • Automatic reconciliation of receivables & payables (debtors & creditors)
  • Automatic analysis of receivables & payables (debtors & creditors)
  • Automatic control of customer credit limits before making credit sales
  • Automatic alert for overdue receivables & payables
  • Automatic compliance to Internal Financial Controls
  • Automatic / real-time internal audit of transactions
  • Automatic budgetary control of expenses & real-time alert for expenses exceeding budget
  • Automatic generation of decision making reports using Microsoft Excel add-in
  • Automatic & real-time Multi-location accounting
  • Automated bill of material & combination sales
  • Real-time bill-to-bill matching of invoice receipts and payments
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • Download of ledgers and reports into Microsoft Excel
  • World class disaster recovery and data security on Microsoft Azure
  • Expense management and accounting with approvals & monetary limits
  • Combination sales for retail traders
  • Change classification of line items in Profit & Loss account and balance sheet at any time
  • Expense claims management & accounting with monetary limits & approval capability
  • Travel advance & settlement and accounting with approvals and automated eligibility management
  • Upload of bills and supporting documents for all transactions
  • Customer & vendor engagement for balance confirmation
  • Dashboard and reports with graphs
  • Audit trial of all transactions from Trial balance to source of the transaction with just a click
  • Free login for auditors
  • On-line audit of transactions and audit notes
  • No need for dedicated hardware
  • Zero cost for installation & maintenance. Free upgrades & updates of the software


IDOS is the simplest accounting software; which comes with in-built compliance and enables real-time internal audit of transactions. IDOS ensures that the transaction is accurate, thereby avoiding rework, rectifications and reconciliations.


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Below are some frequently asked questions for IDOS - Accounting and Finance Software

Q. How can IDOS facilitate ease of doing business?

Implementing any software is expected to enable the business to reduce human effort and increase process efficiency. IDOS facilitates this, through a very simple to use, yet powerful accounting software. IDOS enables the business to collate all the financial data and automatically completes bookkeeping, accounting & reporting in adherence to internal financial controls and regulatory compliance.

Q. How can IDOS help a small business with minimum accounting requirements?

Small businesses (which are managed by either single person or by few resources) require a simple to use software which enables them to record business transactions with ease and assess the result of their business activity. The software should provide invoicing, inventory, purchases and payments, along with compliance to relevant taxes (GST / VAT). They need a software which they can use without training and without having to learn accounting or taxation. A software which can provide reports and results of the business activity at the click of a button. This is exactly what IDOS provides, to small business and at an affordable cost of ownership and maintenance.

Q. We are a mid-sized business. How can IDOS help us?

Organizations which have two or more branches find it challenging to ensure consistency of transaction processing and reporting across all the branches. The staff at the branches come with different educational or academic background and they may not be trained on these processes nor on the software, thus making it necessary to get them trained before they can handle the responsibilities independently.

Q. We are a large company with a functioning ERP. How is IDOS relevant to us?

Large organizations are competing in a technology driven market place, making it imperative to adopt software which brings in significant automation in their processes and helps them to become agile in their operations. IDOS enables large companies to become nimble and highly efficient with respect to their processes and operations in order to meet the challenges of the constantly changing business eco-system by enabling them to take advantage of highly scalable cloud applications built by IDOS and empowering them with blockchain, artificial intelligence & machine learning capabilities.

Q. How does IDOS facilitate compliance?

IDOS has an in-built capability, which enables the organization to achieve reasonable assurance regarding the following aspects in the accounting and reporting process:

  • the reliability and integrity of accounting & financial data
  • compliance with policies, procedures, laws and regulations
  • efficiency in operations and reduced turnaround time
Further, IDOS enables organizations to customise these capabilities to seamlessly integrate them with internal control processes which are specifically suited and designed for that organization.


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Aashish Indulkar

Professsional and helpful

30th July, 2016

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • these folks are great - they deliver what they promise. kudos and keep the streak of excellence going for all times! cheers
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  • No Cons


Amazing, awesome service!!

23rd July, 2016

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • Fast, efficient service. Very helpful when contacted. Will be a returning customer. Thanks.
  • Cons -
  • No Cons

Keshav bareja

Excellent customization and good mobile accessibility

3rd May, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • Heading the finance department of an MNC, I always depend on Idos-generated data for making proper financial decisions. The one-of-a-kind Business Intelligence Solution helps me to make feasible financial strategies and direct my organizations towards its pre-determined objectives. Using its Business Intelligence tool, I can fetch real-time data anywhere and anytime. Besides such features, it offers excellent customization and good mobile accessibility; all of which makes it more, simple, convenient and user-friendly.
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  • No Cons

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