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IDOS is India’s first Cloud Accounting and Finance Software which handles end to end accounting needs and Financial Management needs for any business. It has the vision of ‘Where ever there is a business there is IDOS’. An accounting software should make a business faster & better and should make a business owner powerful. Accordingly, all of IDOS' features are very easy to input and work on one click. 

Product Features
IDOS is a holistic solution that makes financial management way too easy and helps stakeholders sound business decisions. Below are certain features of the solution:
  • End to end Accounting Software: The solution encompasses all the tasks in the entire lifecycle of sales. The software questions the sales people, for e.g.: what did you sell? To whom? For how much? And since IDOS already knows their tax structure it adds tax and generates tax invoices too. Similarly for purchases, and all other transactions. Of course these transactions are posted to ledgers and a user can get the Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss accounts generated.
  • Expense Management: IDOS allows staff to apply for travel and expense claims, get managers to approve them. Additionally, the software automatically updates the accounts once the claims are approved.
  • Supplier Marketplace: Works as a directory of suppliers, the solution shows only those suppliers that can supply to the user's geography and have listed a price lower than the weighted average spending on a particular product. The user doesn’t need to step outside the IDOS eco-system for sourcing.
  • Document Management: Enables manage documents as they are directly linked to the transactions which they represent. This is makes it easy for the user to track the paperwork for any transaction he/she wishes to peruse.
  • Comprehensive Trading Inventory Management: Helps companies keep a track of sourcing in bulk and sales in smaller units. The solution makes it extremely simple to configure such inventory scenarios. The solution not only provides the FIFO, LIFO valuation, but also alerts for purchase when the inventories are low and can live track inventory status throughout a businesses’ global operation.
  • Invoicing: A general invoicing solution will undertake only invoicing activities. In IDOS all this is automatic and is seamless as well.
  • Central Control of Management: IDOS architecture is such that it enables management to control their global operations through one centralized control screen. They can configure user mandates to the extent of micro managing, they can homogenize process globally and most importantly they can make it mandatory for people to follow these homogenous procedures.
About the company
IDOS India Private Limited is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The company was founded by Alexander Reife and Cheruku Srikanth. Having worked for some of the top companies in the Accounting and Finance space, and held business of their own, they have keen understanding of what a business needs. Thus the idea of an accounting software that empowers a business owner to have control on his accounts and money.

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