InfoPos Retail for Single Store

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InfoPOS Retail Enterprise Solutions is a comprehensive business management solution which is affordable, robust, easy to use, based on latest technology. The solutions are available across platforms like on premise, on-demand, on-mobile, hybrid (partly cloudy, partly on premise) which can be deployed for a single store, multi store as well large format stores.
Product Features
  • Master Data Management – Web based application
    • Define hierarchy levels (classification) for items, price, tax, vendor, region & stores
  • Security Management
    • Authorization & authentications are created at granular level for each activity
    • Role based users are created with login and password credentials, employees grouped on functionality basis
  • Inventory Management
    • Generation of PO, GRN.
    • Return to Vendor (RTV) facility
    • Defining of items based on various parameters – high/low value, trading/non trading
    • Barcode: user defined, auto generation, weights based barcode
    • Allocation of items to various go-downs as per business process
    • Intelligent re-order level management
    • MOU, serial number tracking,
    • Inventory analytics – ageing, issue policy
    • Stock auditing, creation of schedules for auditing
  • Order Management
    • Creation of purchase order from stores, warehouse, central office, indents, sales order, re-order level
    • Inward verification against purchase order during GRN
    • Management of accounts payable & receivable
    • Creation of sales orders, planning of dispatch and delivery against sales order
    • Support for Pick, pack & ship fulfilment
  • Cash Register
    • Create multiple Cash registers, manage different sessions
    • View cash register-wise cash, card, cheque details, gift vouchers, sodexo etc.
  • Billing/Payments
    • Split Tenders – accept two or more payments in single transactions
    • Gift Cards – Create your own gift cards and email /SMS customer
    • Store Credit – Generate credit note from POS which can be utilized for next purchase by customers
    • Partial Payments: Flexibility to deposits or layaways
    • Smart paperless bills on phone via SMS/email
  • Loyalty & Promotions
    • Creation of time based discounts, seasonal offers, combo offers, schemes & campaigns
    • Define loyalty points based on items, sales value etc.
  • Customer Management
    • Provides history of customer transaction, loyalty redemptions
    • Effective communication using SMS /Email Feature
    • Stay connected with customer using loyalty programs
    • Create customer specific promos, Use & track of Promo codes
    • Store credit, layaways
  • Vendor & Customer Management
  • Financial Accounting
    • Chart of accounts, auto posting
    • Accounts receiving/payable management
    • Financial reports balance sheet, P&L account, trail balance
  • Business Reports
    • Pre-defined reports are available based on business transaction namely - sales, purchase, inventory, stock audit, Customer, Supplier, outstanding etc.
    • These reports can easily be downloaded in excel & pdf format for customize analysis
    • Additionally, we will provide reports you specifically need as per business requirement
About The Company
InfoDart Technologies Ltd is a global information technology, system integrator and consulting company incepted in 2007. The company is a trusted partner of many organizations across the Asian continent and are diversifying across the globe

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