iWeb Student Lifecycle Management

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29,000 /school/year

  • Additional Classroom Attendance Device: INR 6000 /device to be paid in the OPEX model within 3 years.

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iWeb’s student lifecycle management system, built on Microsoft Azure assist schools like yours to handle student data and restructure administrative processes and service delivery. The offered solution helps higher education institutions leverage best-in-class technology throughout the student lifecycle to improve student service, and gain competitive edge. iWeb’s student lifecycle management solution is fully customizable, flexible and scalable to attract and engage large number of concurrent users in future to improve student service at affordable cost.

Product Feature
The Solution helps to manage student lifecycle better without the risk of losing students to other institutions. Provides help to manage student relationship with an efficient student relationship management system to deliver high quality learning experience. The solution eases the tedious processes like admissions, attendance, exam & result including all administrative activities helping to reduce cost in terms of time, resources and required personnel.
  • Admission, fees, timetable & attendance management system - The old and traditional methods have been replaced by new conceptual and digital processes for a smooth, accurate, qualitative and easy admission process. The fee management module provides path-breaking software solutions for management fees. All the reports for attendance management can be generated within no time so that certain decisions can be taken based on attendance.
  • Examination & result management system - iWeb implemented automatic processes that efficiently capture all the important data associated with the registration and examination result processing within the college and the interactions among the students and parents.
  • Self-service portal for students, parents and staff - Every higher education institution needs to ensure that students have a voice at various decision making process. Therefore, iWeb has provided campus management system with a self-serving portal for the students, parents and staff.

About The Company
iWeb Technology Solutions is an innovative software solution provider that offers state of art IT solutions in both models, i.e. Software as a Service (SaaS) & Platform as a Service (PaaS). The company provides an array of software solutions helping organizations across activities like people relationship management, finance management, supplier relationship management, customer relationship management, manufacturing and education. With diversified software services, iWeb endeavours to provide incomparable management automation solutions and has partnered with companies like Microsoft, IBM, Intel, NASSCOM, Gartner and Ignita. Enterprise suite of iWeb Technology Solutions includes renowned client names in sectors like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, milk and dairy foods, auto ancillary, staffing business, education, manufacturing, telecom, hospitality, trade services and many more.

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