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About Jaggaer Supply Chain Solution

JAGGAER  Direct Supply Chain Solutions helps you to reduce costs and increase visibility in your supply chain. The solution covers the full supply chain from ordering to goods receipt and invoicing. It also supports all the established standards in the industry. You can connect all your suppliers over web EDI, rather than just a handful. With no costs for your suppliers, you can cover all your suppliers from the largest to the smallest.    



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JAGGAER offers a powerful, comprehensive and complete spend solutions suite to enable streamlined commerce by any business in any industry. JAGGAER representatives are currently in Minneapolis, MN for the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) Annual Meeting, which concludes tomorrow. Built around the theme “Currents of Collaboration,” this year’s meeting places focus on the powerful effect of higher education communities working together toward a shared vision for the future. The NACUBO wisely For more than 20 years, JAGGAER innovative Source-to-Pay (S2P) solutions have been powering the procurement spend.
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JAGGAER Direct Purchase Order Management digitizes the full purchase order process from ordering to delivery. Keep all your purchase orders in one place so both buyer and supplier can always see the status of every purchase order and anticipate next steps. Also, the onboarding process is simplified so all suppliers can have access to this information. The Supplier Portal helps you communicate with suppliers in real time. It also tracks your purchase orders by sending automatic reminders to suppliers to confirm orders. It includes purchase order confirmation, label creation, Advanced Shipping Notice, and much more so you never lose track of a purchase order again. Integrate it with Invoice & Credit Note for one-click purchase order flip and connect it with the other modules for a true all-in-one solution.
With JAGGAER Direct Service Orders, you can build the right digital process for ordering services. This solution is developed especially for service procurement. Your contractors can confirm their service entry sheets directly in the web portal, which starts an automatic workflow for internal approval. We have the best ERP integration on the procurement software market. The system updates the order in your ERP after successful approval. Automatic ERP updates help you avoid data entry errors and typos, and streamlines the invoicing process so you can save time and trouble.
JAGGAER Direct Delivery Schedule & Call-Off speeds up communication with your suppliers. The tool’s web EDI solution makes digital communication quick and easy. This reduces both your workload and response times. An additional advantage of web EDI is that any supplier can be on-boarded with ease so you can enjoy efficient and effective communication with all your suppliers. View your delivery schedules and information from your ERP directly in the portal. Suppliers can also see schedules, track delivery, receipts, transit volumes, and completion rates. Our solution supports call-off, detailed call-off, Just-in-Time, and Just-in-Sequence delivery.
With JAGGAER Direct Handling Unit Management, you build handling units the way you want. Manage deliveries at whatever level you need. Build units from single boxes, cartons, and pallets, and then pool them into containers or larger units. The module also makes it easy to prevent supplier mistakes. It automatically takes packaging instructions from your ERP and sends it in the purchase order. In addition, the supplier can use Advance Shipping Notificator to tell you how they have divided the handling units. This information can then be automatically imported into your ERP.
JAGGAER Direct Vendor Managed Inventory is the ideal solution for getting the most out of VMI. It relays information in real time, so that you and your suppliers always stay current. Make your VMI more efficient than ever before with automatic alerts and notifications so you can expand it to more stock and reap even more benefits. Communicate your plans and forecasting over a secure system and secure stock by defining minimum and maximum thresholds. Your supplier receives an alert when target limits are not met so that you never risk a shortage or overstock again. The supplier simulation tool also helps suppliers see what impact different stock levels will have. They can plan better and more efficiently while passing the savings on to you.
JAGGAER Direct Long-Term Supplier Declaration makes it easy for you to manage certificates of origin and other documents. It is fully integrated into the online Supplier Portal. Suppliers can upload all the documents you need for each purchase order and item. This module also saves time with templates and pre-fill from previously entered information.
JAGGAER Direct Document Approval Exchange (DAE) manages all document approvals with one platform. Suppliers can see the documents you want them to see in the Supplier Portal. They can check, print, approve, and make changes to documents easily online. You no longer need to email large files or spend time coordinating approvals with suppliers.
JAGGAER Direct Invoice and Credit Note improves invoice management, keeping your Procure-to-Pay process simple from start to finish. This module supports OCR invoice scanning, EDI and WebEDI integration, and more. This helps you cut back on paper invoices and speeds up the entire process. Customize your invoicing processes for different suppliers and make sure you have the right processes for your volume of transactions, supplier type, and AP needs. Our fully digitized system helps you avoid invoice errors and maximize savings. You also have a clear view of all outstanding or completed receipts and credit notes with spend time focusing on exceptions and special cases – not standard invoices.

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Jaggaer Supply Chain Management


  • Purchase Order Management
  • Service Orders
  • Delivery Schedule and Call-Off
  • Advance Shipping Notification
  • Handling Unit Management
  • Vendor Managed Inventory | VMI
  • Long-Term Supplier Declaration
  • Document Approval Exchange
  • Invoice | Credit Note


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