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KAVresto is a complete Restaurant Management solution that facilitates restaurant and similar businesses with extensive automation of billing, inventory with purchase processing, material consumption tracking, ordering through tablet or mobile by customer/ steward, displaying KOT on TV, table reservation management, customer feedback and real time reports on mobile. This end-to-end solution helps businesses to streamline overall operations and enhance the performance of each domain engaged to run the business.
Product Features
KAVresto is a scalable and robust Restaurant Management solution with most interactive user interface. Easy to use and simple to deploy, the solution is available as mobile and tablet application as well. The solution empowers the businesses with effective toolsets and features for smooth and efficient functioning of each domain for overall business performance with central customer base. Frontend features of KAVresto include:
  • Ordering Through Tablet/ Mobile: Restaurants can take the orders using their mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. With a predefined Steward Login, it is quick and easy to perform Table Selection. Digital menu display with images has been enabled. Customers can browse through categorized menu and request any customization. Customer can place order after confirmation and Steward can take fast orders through mobile.
  • Digital KOT Display In Kitchen: Digital KOT with customization is available within the solution categorised variedly such as Continental, Chinese, Bar, etc. Status of the ordered item can be updated by Chef and Steward is allowed to view all items ready to be served.
  • POS Ordering and Billing: POS ordering and billing has been simplified and the solution allows hassle-free modification and cancellation of the orders as well. Table transfers and merging is also enabled. Bills can be split and solution allows configurable taxes and discounts
  • Inventory Management & Material Consumption: KAVresto enables users to create purchase indents and purchase orders. Goods Received Notes (GRN), Goods Returns, Cost Center Management, Goods Issue to Cost Center, and Goods Waste Management has been facilitated effortlessly.
  • Table Reservation Management: Table reservation, waiting list maintenance and table allotment has been made easy with intuitive solution features.
  • Customer Real Time Feedback: Instant customer reactions can be captured and sent as notifications in the Admin App. Positive Feedbacks can also be shared on Social Media/Website. Integrated table no/staff id with feedback helps keeping the feedbacks managed.
  • SMS & Email Integration: Automated SMS on various occasions can be sent to the customers and SMS/Emails can also be scheduled on miscellaneous events.
About The Company
KAVworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd. believes not only in providing the best and budget IT solutions but also that suites the customers’ requirements to make the process FAST and SIMPLE. Started in the year 2015 and endeavours to convert simplest or weirdest customer ideas into useful Mobile Apps or Analytics Software. The company targets to deliver the best technical solutions that match the exact functional requirements while being extremely SIMPLE, QUICK and RESPONSIVE. 

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