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LOANLEDGER is an online, real-time system that provides you with every loan management function crucial to your business. It has comprehensive reporting capabilities, audit trails and logs, agings, detailed life-of-loan histories, transaction reports, required government reports and numerous management analyses.



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About Dynamic Interface

Since 1982, Dynamic Interface Systems Corporation has provided loan servicing software, debt collection software, mortgage servicing software and other sophisticated yet affordable products for lenders, mortgage providers and other financial institutions. Our headquarters are in the center of the Los Angeles International Airport complex where we focus exclusively on loan servicing and innovative loan portfolio information systems. It's our only business and we are the best.
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The instant availability of entire customer histories turns the average COLLECTOR into a Customer Relations Management (CRM) superstar. The borrower's payment history, property description, co-borrower information and user-defined fields are easy to access. These features raise efficiency, compress the delinquency cycle and create cash flow. A notepad feature creates the opportunity for details that assist in accurately identifying the unique characteristics of each collection issue.

The OPEN$LINE module helps you by handling all the complex calculations involved with revolving credit. Management of home equity loans and commercial lines of credit are instant and effortless when the OPEN$LINE module is employed. This module calculates individual repayment schedules, late charges and periodic renewal fees for each borrower. In addition, each borrower can be assigned a credit limit, which can be adjusted during the life of the contract. Each borrower receives a detailed monthly billing statement. OPEN$LINE automatically updates customer files and allows for payoff quotations when answering inquiries.

The FLOATING-RATE module tracks rates on a daily basis, calculating interest on actual days, receipt date to receipt date, using U.S. Rule- Simple Interest. The complex calculations for periodic payments and payoffs are instantly available. Payments and late charges can be adjusted, as you require. FLOATING-RATE produces an interest calendar for multi year and automatically allows for leap years.

The REPORTCARD module tracks credit and repayment history and transmits them to the major credit agencies. The information is exported in the standard Metro-2 format that easily transfers to TransUnion, Equifax and/or Experian. Loan status and repayment history are constantly updated insuring that the information is always accurate and available. The REPORTCARD module reports include customer credit bureau information, collection opportunities accounts and a past due transmission report.

Repayment Schedules: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual

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  • Mortgage Servicing Software Collection Servicing Software
  • Third Party Loan Servicing
  • HELOCs: Home Equity Lines
  • Floating Rate Simple Interest
  • Variable Rate Loan Servicing
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
  • ACH Servicing Software
  • Construction Loan Servicing
  • Workout Loan Servicing
  • Simple Interest & Actuarial
  • Interest Only / Balloons
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  • Escrow Analysis Software


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