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LOGIC AFS is a complete software solution for AFC companies. The software is one of the best selling software with unmatched modular solution with powerful tools. The tool takes care of each and every requirement of a retailer, distributor, manufacturer of footwear and apparel manufacturing companies and retail stores, etc. The software provides a comprehensive solution for accounting, sales, purchases, order management, production , e-Commerce , B2B and MIS Reporting.

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  • web-based

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  • Windows

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About Logic ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd

Logic F&B is a total integrated ERP solution for food and beverage product retailing. The suite of solution comprises of integrated functionalities of retail store operations, point of sales, sales & distribution and kitchen process (recipe management) for food court, café, bar, ice cream parlor, quick service(QSR). It can integrate all business organization or departments like Payroll, Accounts & Finance, CRM and e-Commerce with all the above departments or business units. Since the business is required to deal with perishable stocks and elite groups of customers, and managing multiple outlets, the solution helps the business to become proficatble.

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 Retail Management

Enables managing the faranchised stores, assit in documentation for franchise agreements, integration of receivables and collecion with accounts, help in innovating loyalty points administration, helps undertalke market driven promotions, centralized stock maintenance, etc.

 Product Management

Helps create BOM (Bill Of Material), accomodates the ad-hoc specific requirements of make to order, takes into account both in-house production or outsourced production on job work basis, helps manage bill payments of job workers effectively and manage the core business efficiently.

 Workshop Management

helps manage number of ShopInShops at multiple locations, help control inventories, keep a track of stock returns, etc.

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₹ 31000.00

  • Retailer Wholesale And Distribution
  • Production units - E-commerce
  • ShopInShop
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Below are some frequently asked questions for Logic AFS (Apparel & Footwear system)

Q. What do you mean by ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning, a cross functional integrated system that assists you track, plan and manage your business well. This system integrates the whole functioning of the business and make it work as a single functional unit. It is a standard program to regulate different processes of an Enterprise system well.

Q. How ERP system can help my business?

ERP systems help organizations to have greater insight and visibility into their different organizational operations. It permits you to have a 360 degree view of your entire business. Our software will help you to get a higher level of customer satisfaction by improving the flow of the process. You will not encounter accounting errors anymore.

Q. How do you provide License of your Software?

Like all other ERP software, our software is not sold, we only provide license for it. You can get the license of the software on the basis on account of the user. That means, we provide you the license and you can use it on specific number of instances. Annual Maintenance Charges are deducted for updates and installments after completion of the year.

Q. What supported platforms are required for your software?

Our system works well on the Windows based operating systems. The big name of Microsoft is enough to prove the scalability, security, flexibility and authentication for your system. We also incorporate the latest technologies for the development of various modules.


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