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Logic Electronic & Communication offers a proven solution to increase productivity and profitability and meet the growing demands of Electronics and communication industry. The software helps manage vendors and subcontractors, track and maintain procurement, operations and material management. Business Process Management features will allow users to set up rules and conditions, and to receive alerts or notifications when certain conditions are met. The Warehouse Management System will enable the user to find the components needed and deliver items in the most timely and efficient manner possible.



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About Logic ERP

LOGIC ERP’s omni-channel retail software combines POS / Mobile POS, e-Commerce, CRM, fulfillment processing, inventory/warehouse management, purchasing and receiving, ERP and business intelligence – providing real-time visibility throughout your organization – in ONE single, integrated retail system.LOGIC ERP’s omni-channel retail software combines POS / Mobile POS, e-Commerce, CRM, fulfillment processing, inventory/warehouse management, purchasing and receiving, ERP and business intelligence – providing real-time visibility throughout your organization – in ONE single, integrated retail system.
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Patanjali Ayurved Limited

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The sale-able stock available at outlet level and customer select the piece and with tender of payment can go with the product. Whereas home appliance, at shop level have only have display item, but the dispatch will be from warehouse or delivery centers.

Retailers usually get return of old or old version of item in exchange of new items. Once the buyback item linked to any order , it attracts some value deduction as well as the buyback item need to be picked up by the delivery man who deliver the new purchase item at door step. Logic ERP equipped the retailers with all the functionalities needed to track and mange the buyback items including delivery or non delivery of item and it’s financial implication on accounts and collection.

Logic ERP's Replenish Consignment Warehouses program calculates current and projected inventory levels in consignment warehouses and determines the quantities of each part that are needed to replenish the supply, according to a set of inventory parameters defined by the user. Furthermore, the program can be set up to open the necessary orders automatically.

Logic ERP enables you to define and manage the company's branches. Each branch can be linked to an area, enabling sales analysis by branch and by area. Each branch can be linked to the branch warehouse, and its inventory can be managed by the desired inventory levels, as defined for the branch. Each employee is linked to the branch in which they work. Document numbering can be defined separately for each branch. You can produce reports summarizing sales by branch (at the order, shipping document, or invoice level), determine separate numbering patterns for each branch's documents, and attach a separate logo to printed documents for each branch. System & access can be limited by user branch, so that each user can access only data related to their own branch or to other branches for which they have been given privileges.

Logic ERP's Sales Forecast module enables you to create annual forecasts for internal and external sales reps. Forecasts can be defined in terms of monthly sales, and broken down by Item family or individual Item, including quantitative data. There is also the option of defining forecasts for specific customers. You can perform continuous tracking of actual versus forecasted performance and of the degree to which targets are met by each sales rep, and create updated forecasts for the remainder of the sales period.

Logic ERP enables you to link a warehouse to each technician. When the technician's "warehouse" (usually his/her truck) takes Items from the company warehouse or issues Items to the customer's warehouse, inventory transactions are created to or from the technician's warehouse.

The bonus system in Logic ERP enables you to offer customers bonus Items when they order a certain quantity of a specific Item or Items belonging to the same Item family. There are two types of bonuses: Regular bonuses are given upon purchase of a certain Item by some or all customers. Special bonuses are defined for specific customers and are given to those customers only. You can define progressive bonuses based on quantity purchased, so as to increase the customers' incentive to purchase large quantities. Automatic Scheduling of Item Delivery via Distribution Routes: Logic ERP includes a program for automatic assignment of sales orders to distribution routes. The Schedule Deliveries program assigns sales orders to distribution routes based on the order supply date, delivery routing, delivery days defined for the customer, and the company's working hours. For an order to be included by the Schedule Deliveries program, it must have a status flagged in the Schedule Deliveries column of the Statuses for Orders form.

Billing customers on the basis of a sales order, before goods are shipped, while checking the customer's current credit balance To bill a customer for an order prior to shipment, while checking the current credit balance, in a manner that allows you to later open a customer shipment document linked to the sales order: Open a multi-shipment invoice and link it to the sales order. The order remains open and the usage of customer credit is transferred from the order to the invoice. Open a customer shipment document for the customer to a consignment warehouse, on the basis of the order. The order is closed, and the shipment does not use the customer's credit, since it is recorded to a consignment warehouse. This allows you to easily track the goods that were "shipped" but not supplied to the customer, according to the contents of the consignment warehouse. It also prevents any duplication in the balance sheet - both for the customer debit and for inventory - since the consignment warehouse is not flagged for inventory valuation. After payment is received from the customer, open a second customer shipment document based on the first. This document, which will not be flagged as billable, transfers the goods from the consignment warehouse to the customer.

Logic ERP extends a module termed as repair and replacement provide the functionalities like Service order, the repair order of customers with main item as well as parts. Problem Diagnosis, technician can diagnosis the problem of order received and concluded with repair of problem or replacement of parts. Commercial confirmation, the technician can get confirmation from customers through email or SMS. Workshop, the assemble module to handle all such activities of consumables or service cost. Service bill, the last document where the customer collect the product with exchange of the bill and payment.

Plans and Pricing

On Premise

LOGIC Electronics & Telecom

Rs. 31000.00 ( Lifetime )

  • Display stock retailing
  • Payment Collection at the time of order entry at POS
  • Special Price Approval at the time of Order entry
  • Remote Approval through Email
  • Composite Item tracking and auto display at all transaction
  • Safety Stock Calculation Based On Material Usage
  • Billing Customers for an Order before Shipping
  • Supporting an OEM's End Customers
  • Selling to Chain Stores
  • Delivery Scheduling to Chain Stores/Customers Using a Fleet/Truck/Van
  • Selling an Assortment of Items as a Single Unit
  • Shipping to One Customer when Billing a Different One
  • Customer Bonuses
  • MRP

AMC plan

Rs. 6000.00 ( Per Year )

  • Annually


Our expertise in providing integrated ERP Software, Retail & POS Software to thousands of customers till date, helped them to meet their business goals. ERP solutions developed by LOGIC are characterized for its flexibility and scalability to aide in business growth of the customers in the time ahead. Cost-effective solutions that are designed for specific needs and verticals, help mid-sized to large business ventures to address issues, review business performances and assist in making strategic decisions to thrive in the markets.


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Below are some frequently asked questions for LOGIC Electronics & Telecom

Q. What do you mean by ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning, a cross functional integrated system that assists you track, plan and manage your business well. This system integrates the whole functioning of the business and make it work as a single functional unit. It is a standard program to regulate different processes of an Enterprise system well.

Q. Is your Software scalable? How many users it provide?

Yes, our software is completely scalable whether it is about database or demand according to the user. We offer users on the account basis. It is completely customizable too.

Q. How Robust and Secure your application is?

We assure for higher level data security to the most significant assets of customers. Our experts provide a tailored, cost-effective solution to make your data and information secure under our custody. We are proud to say that we respect your confidentiality.

Q. Can I buy an individual module?

Yes, you can buy a certain module of software according to your needs and budget. Our software caters its services to businesses with any size and requirements.

Q. How can I get a Free Demo of the software?

We provide a Free Demo of our software. You can click on the 'Free Trial Version' link on the top and get a free demo of your software. Also, you can fill the Inquiry form in the Contact us page to subscribe your free demo of the software.


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