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An organisation can improve their enterprise planning and management with Vira. This Distributors Network Management System (DNMS) by Logo Infosoft is cost effective as its features are pre-packaged, reducing setup, implementation and maintenance costs. It’s a scalable solution, leveraging Java technology which has been deployed on both open source and commercially available platforms. As a result, the software can scale up or down, without much trouble. Vira is mobile and tablet integrated so your employees can  keep working on the go.




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About Logo InfoSoft

Logo Infosoft, established in India in 2016, helps organizations, especially SMEs, improve their core operations through the innovative use of technology. The parent company Logo is the Largest ISV from South Eastern Europe. Launched in 1984 in the business world to develop business application software products for personal computers, Logo has become a global high-tech group of companies, focused on improving business processes through information technology. The logo has a worldwide presence in the field of business applications with over 85,000 customers globally. 
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ULU SOY Travel Center

ULU SOY Travel Center









Efficiently control the definition for master data like
  • Sales organization
  • SKU Master
  • Sales Team structure
  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Distributors

Centralized management of sales targets, budgets, assignments sales team.

SFA combined with accounting and DMS ensures zero need for reconciliation of accounting information. Simply means, everyone gets tax credits on time.
  • Optimal route planning for each sales & delivery field visit
  • Route plans are planned based on the distributors to be visited during a field visit to reduce travel time between locations.
  • Push daily/periodic route plans to each seller via handheld (Android) device along with maps and address details.
  • Tracking of GPS location records the field trip details to ensure adherence to the planned field operation. This ensures physical visits and drive relationship stickiness and competitive intelligence.
  • Increased Visibility
    • A real time view of the distributor’s inventory to sales team.
    • A real time view through the handheld device to entire selling team of the past orders, pending orders, current outstanding, order acceptance decision, delivery commitment at the point of sale.
    • The sales team member takes new orders based on the inventory levels as well as current shipments in progress on the pending orders.
    • Collections from the distributors are also recorded through the handheld device and balances are updated in real-time.
    • Reports are generated based on real time data recorded in VIRA
    • Embedded BI tool used to analyze data on unlimited dimensions
    • Analysis of sales, collections, distributor performance, inventory in the distribution network, effectiveness of the field operations, etc.
    • Improved planning due to data capture in the real time
    • Operational Excellence: All sales teams (main company’s sales teams, distributors, distributors’ sales teams) work with the same data, the same rules, the same standards.
    • Analytical Excellence: Unlimited analytics on every dimension of the business: Geography, Distributor, Customer Type, Customer, Product Group, Product, Sales Type, Promotion, Sales Team Member, Target etc.
    • Results: 100% collaboration within OEM, distributors, sales force & retailers that drives real time market visibility of SKU wise consumption, faster sale of slow moving unsold inventory by building & executive effective campaigns and unlock working capital for everyone, and drive 100% tax compliance throughout your supply chain.

    Plans and Pricing


    Logo Vira


    • Supply Chain Management
    • Sales Forecasting & Demand Planning
    • Capabilities like Accounting; Collections and Campaigns & Promotions at each selling point
    • Marketing Assets & Budget Management
    • Both Sales & Delivery Route Planning; Optimization and Management
    • Sales Team Structure Management
    • Sales Targets/Incentives Management
    • Business Intelligence; Analytics and Reporting.


    Introducing Logo VIRA, the 3rd generation #GST Compliant 'Distributor's Network Management System' (DNMS)


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    Manjeet Verma

    Scalable solution

    18th December, 2018

    Ease of Feature

    Ease of Use

    Value for money

    Customer Service

    • Pros -
    • Logo Vira improved our management and planning. It come with coast effective features and sacalable solution. It is a great deal that I opted for my business.
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    • No Cons

    Ratul Dutta

    Offered help

    28th May, 2018

    Ease of Feature

    Ease of Use

    Value for money

    Customer Service

    • Pros -
    • I decided to look for a new software for our small non-profit organization. I contacted Techjockey because it looked like they would understand the type of software I needed without the hassle of me looking through numerous companies myself. They put me in touch with several companies that followed up right away with me. Very helpful service that saves the buyer alot of time.
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    • No Cons