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About LuitBiz ERP Solution


LuitBiz ERP is a basic ERP software that comes free with the Sales, Marketing & Support modules of LuitBiz CRM. It helps users run all aspects of item management and configuration that is required by the LuitBiz CRM modules for recording customer data in LuitBiz CRM. The main focus of LuitBiz CRM is to help ensure that customer needs are met in a timely and efficient manner with minimal data entry, so that customer satisfaction is maintained a high levels throughout the organization and with every customer interaction, and so that the company's revenue and profitability goals are able to be met or exceeded.


Product features

  • Item Configuration - Customizable item attributes that allows users to define their item parameters based on their requirement.
  • Item Tagging - Create item tagging templates and create user defined item fields.
  • Item Management - Manage items with all related information including persons who are responsible for marketing, selling and supporting them.
  • Business Partner Management - Have all information about all your business partners at your fingertips with the business partner management feature of LuitBiz ERP.
  • Invoices Management - View the invoices generated by your sales team members and accept payments against all the invoices that are raised. You can accept payments either in full or partially against all raised invoices.
  • Financial Reports - You can view the AR aging reports and have a quick snapshot of the amounts that are due and fllow up with your customers regarding the payment.

Sold By : Luit

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LuitBiz ERP Solution Features

Integrated: LuitBiz CRM
Stock and Asset management.

Get LuitBiz ERP Solution support14 Chatting right now

Buy LuitBiz ERP Solution1184 People added this product in their cart

Call for LuitBiz ERP Solution demo2513 People requested to call back

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gaurav panwar

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Sep 18 2017

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LuitBiz ERP Solution FAQs

It is as easy as 1-2-3. Just sign up for the trial version by clicking here and try it out for 15 days for free. You can get started within minutes of signing up. LuitBiz ERP is extremely easy to use and the help bubbles on each screen guide you through the implementation processes.
Companies have begun asking for enterprise solutions that are broader in scope, address unique challenges and links up with other parts of the organization and that too at a very cost effective price. Linking the solution to their customers, suppliers, partners and branches spread across the globe was a critical aspect for organization. This has become easy with SaaS ERPs like LuitBiz ERP and makes it more user friendly as compared to server based solutions.
Yes, of course, LuitBiz is extremely scalable. You can add users at any later date by paying up for the additional user licenses
No, not at all. LuitBiz ERP is extremely easy to use. We claim that if you know how to use email, you can easily use LuitBiz ERP. The hardware aspects of the LuitBiz server are taken care of by us, so you need not worry about it at all. Hence, you do not need to hire an IT person once you subscribe for LuitBiz ERP. If you face problems at any time, our friendly support team is always there to assist and help you out.

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