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About LuitBiz HRM & ESS

LuitBiz HRM & ESS is a robust and feature rich SaaS HR Software with no download, installation, maintenance or upgrading required. LuitBiz HRM enables all companies to manage their HR process over the cloud without the hassles of maintaining a costly in-house IT infrastructure at an affordable monthly cost. LuitBiz HRM includes rich functionality to support employee, recruitment, training, bonus, HR Forms, attendance and appraisal (both 180 and 360 degree approvals) management plus Employee Self Service (ESS) features.



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About Luit

Founded in 2004, Luit Infotech is an India based software company with its registered office in Bangalore. The company is a leading provider of web based SaaS business software. Since its inception, Luit Infotech has served a diverse range of customers from enterprise, education, research and manufacturing sectors and built a substantial market presence with many prestigious installations. 
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Employees are the backbone of your organization, accomplishing the day-to-day functions as well as driving growth and new initiatives for your business. You should have noticed that if they can yield benefits for a company, they can also incur losses if not managed properly. LuitBiz HRM helps you to put all your HR related activities in line to increase the quality of your employee base. The employee management features of LuitBiz HRM include » Integrated system facilitates changes or updates to employee records once positions or assignments have been updated. » Streamlines employee management processes and increases productivity of your HR department
The Attendance Management module of LuitBiz HRM gives you the ability to track your employees' time and attendance. You can customize this module to work with your company's attendance rules. The employees can view their attendance via the ESS module. » Allows employees to enter their attendance using their smartphones. They can also use the voice activated feature of their mobile phones to enter their attendance log. There is no need to type their attendance log - it's a big advantage to today's mobile workforce. This feature also helps in doing away with card reading systems used to track employee attendance. » Helps track employee attendance easily » Reduces time spent by HR department on managing leave applications » Reduces the cost of Leave Management by reducing the paper work and physical movement » Automated system improves employee satisfaction as it is easy to apply for leave and also approve / reject leave requests » Helps your HR department to have a birds eye view of applied leaves
Using the Employee Self Service Module of LuitBiz, employees can apply for leave and managers can approve their applications. This streamlines the leave application processes and decreases the burden of your HR department. Additionally, Employees can view training schedules using the Employee Self Service Module of LuitBiz and register themselves for the same. LuitBiz takes care of the whole employee appraisal process and appraisal reports can be posted in LuitBiz for employees to view their appraisals. Additionally, for 360 degree appraisals, employees car appraise their superiors and subordinates using the Employee Self Service Module of LuitBiz. » Puts HR and benefits information into the hands of employees, thereby improving communication and fostering a greater understanding of the value of their benefit packages. » Improves information accuracy, lowers call volumes, reduces printing costs and decreases administrative hassles » Empowers employees by providing information to them on a 24 x 7 basis » Allows the employees to view their payslips online
Your employees are always trying o deliver flawless service to your customers and you need to ensure that they always have the right training and knowledge to do so. In today's knowledge economy the key to creating a sustainable advantage over your competition is to couple training of employees regularly to keep them updated with corporate strategy and business objectives. LuitBiz HRM's employee training module helps your business meets these needs. » LuitBiz HRM's employee training module ensures that employees receive all of the training and testing that applies to them even if they have multiple job roles » LuitBiz HRM's employee training module helps in improving operational performance of your employees by keeping track of their training requirements » LuitBiz HRM's employee training module increases productivity of your employees and reduces repeat mistakes made by them by keeping them completely trained to meet your business challenges
LuitBiz HRM's appraisal module helps your organization to quickly create high-value performance appraisals for all your employees. It is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for cultivating a high-performance workforce that is completely aligned with your organization's goals and priorities. » Reduce time and money spent on conducting and recording employee appraisals on paper » Align employee goals and development activities with your business priorities » Track and manage the entire appraisal process centrally » Free up employees, managers and your HR department to spend more time on your strategic business activities » Conduct 180° and 360° employee appraisals your way by defining your own evaluation questionnaires without vendor or IT involvement » Improve quality and completion rates of your employee appraisal processes
LuitBiz HRM's Employee Reimbursements module allows your employees to add business expenses they have incurred using their own money directly into the system. The reimbursement forms are forwarded to the designated approver via LuitBiz HRM. The approver approves / rejects the reimbursement application via ESS and the HR department is notified via HRM to make the payment. The employee can alos attach documental proof for claiming the reimbursement. The Reimbursement module of Luitbiz HRM & ESS greatly simplifies existing paper-based manual reimbursement processes and saves your finance team from spending hours managing employee expense claims.
Employee bonus schemes are generally a positive strategy and can provide real motivation. They can also serve to increase employees' identification with a company and align them with its operational objectives - giving them a vested interest. Using the bonus module of LuitBiz HRM, the HR department can issue bonus to employees and employee can view the bonus issued to them via the ESS module
Support for Multiple Companies and Currencies.Anywhere, Anytime Access.Easy-to-use Interface.Holidays, Working & Non Working Days.Employee Events Management.Employee Helpdesk.HR Forms Management.
LuitBiz HRM's Employee Payroll module greatly simplifies the generation of payslips that employees can view via their ESS interface. HR users can configure the necessary salary groups and add salary heads to them and generate salary cards fo all employees. Every month employee salary can be paid against these salary cards which also takes into account any bonus or reimbursement that the employee receives during that month automatically.
Employees can view their payslips generated via the HR module of LuitBiz in their ESS interface. They will be able to view complete details of the salary they receive with detailed break ups. In case they have any queries, they can post their questions to the HR department via the Helpdesk available in their ESS and can clear their doubts.

Plans and Pricing


LuitBiz ESS

Rs. 600.00 ( Month )

  • Holidays & Working Days
  • Payslips
  • Attendance Viewing
  • Leave Application
  • Reimbursement & Bonus
  • Training Profile
  • Appraisal Management
  • Interview Schedules
  • Employee Helpdesk
  • Employee Forms
  • Conference Hall Booking

LuitBiz HRM

Rs. 2400.00 ( Month )

  • Core HR
  • Recruitment Management
  • Attendance & Leave
  • Reimbursement & Bonus
  • Payslips
  • Training Management
  • Appraisal Management
  • Exit Interview
  • Employee Helpdesk
  • Employee Forms
  • Conference Hall Booking


LuitBiz HRM & ESS cloud based human resource management system and online employee self service that can be used by companies for online human capital management, hr performance management, online performance appraisal, employee training management. employee leave management. employee reimbursement management benefits, employee bonus & employee help desk management.




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Below are some frequently asked questions for LuitBiz HRM & ESS

Q. Why is LuitBiz HRM offered in the SaaS Model?

LuitBiz HRM & ESS is available on the SAAS model because it is the only way we can find to keep our software updated over thousands of our customer instances spread across the world. When we roll out and upgrade, we do not ask you to download a version from our website or email you a patch. The patch is rolled out on the central application server, and it is non-disruptive, everyone has the same version of the software and that makes it easy to support.

Q. How many user licenses can I buy for LuitBiz HRM & ESS ?

You can buy any number of user licenses of LuitBiz HRM & ESS. It all depends on your company's requirements. However, even if you buy one license of ESS, you will have to buy atleast one license of HRM. Thus, to use LuitBiz ESS you need to purchase atleast one license of LuitBiz HRM.

Q. What is the number of companies and employees I can register in my LuitBiz HRM?

You can add any number of number of companies and employees to your LuitBiz HRM. It all depends on your company's requirements

Q. Will my data be safe in LuitBiz HRM ?

We host your data in very secure elastic-servers with multiple layers of security and access control: both physical and digital. Please read our Privacy policy and our SLA.

Q. Will you be able to view my company's data in LuitBiz HRM & ESS?

We are governed by the Privacy Policy which basically says that unless we are forced by law, we cannot access your data without your permission. Your data is secured by password and layers of access control. Should we need access to it for purposes of trouble-shooting; we will do so under explicit written permission from you.


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