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About Makemysalary

What is MakeMySalary? 

MakeMySalary is a payroll and human resource management software for the supervision of your daily office activities. Get a hold of one of the best HRMS software solution that works to improvise your office workflows. Set up guidelines for the entire organization in the software and start working, strictly adhering to the rules. It makes you arrange office shifts for employees who are working shifts and record attendance in tandem to the guidelines. 

MakeMySalary empowers HR staff to provide employees with all the necessary information and documents. This includes ESIC, form 16, payslips, and other income and financial records. 

Features of MakeMySalary

MakeMySalary gives you great features to work efficiently in the organization; here are a few features listed below for better acquaintance: 

  1. Leave Management: HR teams can set up the rules for leaves and holidays in the system, and employees can work according to those guidelines. Give them access to their employee profiles, and it gives them the information regarding their residual leaves. 
  2. Attendance Management: Record attendance of the entire organization by setting the time for incoming and outgoing. HR teams can also set up working hours with the embedded clock in the MakeMySalary software system. Set shift schedules for employees and record attendance for them. It integrates with payroll module for salary computation.
  3. Expense Management: Employees can raise claims for travel and other expenses to the HR management, and they can receive the claim and settle it with their monthly salaries. It makes settlements easy. 
  4. Tax Management: Employees can quickly calculate their taxes with the MakeMySalary software. It helps you compute your taxes by considering annual income and expenditure. 

Price of MakeMySalary

MakeMySalary alters the price on the size of the operation and user-oriented modules. For more price related queries, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Sold By : Remunance Systems

Get Makemysalary support 37 Chatting right now

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Makemysalary Features

Supervise payroll of the entire organization; it calculates and delivers salary to all the organizations timely. 
Produce and oversee the timesheets for the entire organization. It helps you check for latecomers and early leaving employees. 
Settle all the expense claims raised by employees with their upcoming salaries. 
Assign employees shifts and calculate their attendance accordingly. 
Employee profiles are created right at the moment when they are hired in the organization. And save all their essential details and measure their performance.
Calculate monthly salaries by accounting for leaves and expenses.
MakeMySalary helps you save all the confidential data in the system and prevents all kinds of tampering. 
Provide SMS and email alerts for all announcements. 
Compute your taxes by considering annual income and expenditure in the MakeMySalary software system. 
Integrate Biometric devices to record attendance of the entire organization. You can set checkpoints for biometric devices. 
Offer your employees a forum to share their issues and problems with the HR staff and get it sorted. 
Track and take attendance of your field force automation teams. Set geofencing areas for them and track their daily movement. 
Evaluate your employees’ performance and provide them with bonuses and appraisals. 
 Employees are given self-service portals to apply for leave, among other things. It also gives your employees access to your tax-related documents and provident fund details. 
Export data from the system and input it directly via Excel or Word documents.
Employees can apply for leaves through the system and managers can grant it from the system. It also gives you the information of the residual leaves.
Organization can offer loans and settle the collection methods with the employee’s salary. 
Generate and send the payslips to your employees from the system. Send them a reminder SMS.

Get Makemysalary support37 Chatting right now

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Makemysalary Specifications


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Makemysalary FAQs

Yes, MakeMySalary management software provides a demo. Techjockey provides free demo of all the services it provides to help you give a glimpse of what you are going to get. Please request a call to avail it, our team will get back to you immediately.
MakeMySalary management software is a web-based tool that can be accessed with a web browser on your personal computer.
MakeMySalary management Software is easily workable for both Android and iPhone platforms.
MakeMySalary management Software is a completely cloud-based software.

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