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ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus is an agent-based, real-time file auditing and reporting software that delivers complete visibility into everything happening in your Windows file server environment. Using DataSecurity Plus, know the "who, what, where and when" behind every access event and also perform storage analysis. Thereby, improve your organizations Windows file server data security and information management, in a simple yet efficient and cost effective way.



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The Access Audit report provides detailed information on the quintessential Four W's—who accessed what, when, and from where. This will help you keep track of all accesses and changes. The Access Analysis report provides a summary view of accesses and changes, which can help you detect access trends.

  • Track every single access and change occurring in the file server with the Access Audit report. The reports included under the Access Audit report 
  • Get complete visibility into everything happening in the file server with an extensive list of event details, including: server name, accessed by, time modified, location, share path, process name, last write time, creation time, and last access time.
  • Drill down into specific events occurring in the file server using built-in filters based on identifiers such as: server, share, user, business or non-business hours, and more. Create customized reports by saving applied filters.
  • Quickly understand what's going on in the file server by viewing the graphical representation of all events. Events are grouped by: top 5 users, top 5 processes, and access type.
  • Detect access trends with the Access Analysis report. Get a summary view of what's happening in the file server with the following sub-reports: most accessed files, most modified files, most accesses by process, most accesses by user, files accessed after N days, and files modified after N days


The File Analysis report helps isolate files that are old, unused, unmodified, large, hidden, or non-business; making data cleanup easier. The Disk Analysis report provides visual insight into disk space usage and trends, facilitating optimization of disk space; it also reveals properties of files and folders.

  • Old, stale, unmodified files: Spot files that exceed a given time period in terms of creation time, modified time, and last accessed time.
  • Large, hidden files: Identify files that exceed a given size and files that are hidden from plain sight.
  • Non-business files: Flag non-business files. Define what files fall under the non-business category, for example media files, according to your needs.
  • Disk usage: Get a visual representation of currently used disk space against the total space available in a disk. Also view disk space trend analysis bar graph to understand storage space usage patterns.
  • File/Folder Properties: View file and folder properties such as: location, object type, size (in MB), file count, directory count, creation time, last access time, and last modification time.


Detect security breaches as and when they occur with alerts that get emailed instantly. Define threshold limits for mass access events such as malware attacks.

  • Detect ransomware with real-time mass access alerting.
  • Trigger alerts the very instant ransomware starts encrypting your files.
  • Quarantine ransomware with customizable and automated response system.
  • Shut down infected devices to instantly halt the spread of ransomware.
  • View in-depth details of events for further investigation.

Examine share and security permissions of files and folders and prevent access exploitation.

  • Instant, accurate insights on access and share permissions assigned to all files and folders.
  • A custom filter option that enables quick search for files and folders.
  • Reports that are designed to match the requirements of regulatory acts such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, FISMA, and GLBA.
  • Reports that can be exported to multiple formats such as PDF, XLS, CSV, and HTML.
  • Reports that can be scheduled to be delivered via email.

Comply with regulatory mandates through consistent auditing and reporting of the file server environment.

  • Generate customizable audit-ready reports for SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, GDPR, PCI, GLBA, and much more.
  • Ensure high levels of security by detecting and resolving compliance issues in real time before external audits occur.
  • Enjoy continuous auditing to maintain file accountability and integrity.
  • Preconfigure reports (based on user, business hours, file path, etc.) to audit your organization's specific requirements.

Become proactive with real-time file and folder access and change auditing. Continuously monitor and get notified about critical activities.

Apply built-in filters to track down specific access events based on user, access type, business or non-business hours, and more. Create customized reports by saving applied filters.

Delegate monitoring roles to different types of users. Restrict privileges to users and let them perform file server audits independently.

Continuously monitor and receive alerts about file server alterations that can lead to a compromise of data or non-compliance. Track local and system files and folders as well.



  • Automate email delivery of reports at specified time intervals to respective data owners to streamline security management.
  • Identify the root cause of security incidents faster using actionable, accurate forensic data, and generate clear concise audit records as legal evidence.

Manage tracking, alerting, reporting, and analysis of accesses and changes across all file servers in the organization from a single location.

Preserve large amounts of audit data for future review without affecting the performance of the software. Archiving can also be automated.

Exclude domain and server objects that don't have audit significance, like specified users, specified files, and more, from being monitored. Focus instead on data that is actionable.

The Home tab presents essential audit data from across all configured servers in a graphical format. Get a bird's-eye view of the entire file server environment.

Get the product up and running in a few minutes. Experience optimal usage with the intuitive user interface. Access it from anywhere securely via a web browser.

Plans and Pricing


DataSecurity Plus (File Server Auditing)

Rs. 52150.00

  • 2 File Servers
  • File Access Auditing
  • Detect Ransomware
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • File permission monitoring
  • File change notifier

DataSecurity Plus (File Server Auditing)

Rs. 118650.00

  • 5 File Servers
  • File Access Auditing
  • Detect Ransomware
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • File permission monitoring
  • File change notifier

DataSecurity Plus (Risk Assessment)

Rs. 27650.00

  • 2 Servers
  • Create a personal data inventory
  • Utilize an actionable dashboard
  • Meet regulatory mandates
  • Combat security threats
  • Drill-down your searches
  • Perform forensic analysis

DataSecurity (Risk Assessment)

Rs. 55650.00

  • 5 Servers
  • Create a personal data inventory
  • Utilize an actionable dashboard
  • Meet regulatory mandates
  • Combat security threats
  • Drill-down your searches
  • Perform forensic analysis



Below are some frequently asked questions for ManageEngine Data Security Plus

Q. Why do I get a "No server(s) configured" error message?

DataSecurity Plus is a server based file auditing tool. A server has to be configured to generate reports. Click Add Server to go to server configuration wizard.

Q. After selecting the servers, I get an error saying "No shares found".

Ensure that required previlege for getting share is provided in domain configuration Check if the selected server is operational and is accessible from the computer where DataSecurity Plus is installed. RPC Server port may be disbaled or blocked by firewall.

Q. What does "Last Event Read Time" in DataSecurity Plus mean?

The "Last Event Read Time" in DataSecurity Plus is the last time that DataSecurity Plus server has recieved the event from the agent running in the target server. The Last Event Read Time changes only if there is fresh and relevant data complying to the audit configurations is collected from the DataSecurity Plus agent.

Q. When I start DataSecurity Plus, none of my domains are discovered. It says "No Domain Configuration available". Why?

DataSecurity Plus, upon starting, discovers the domains from the DNS Server associated with the machine running the product. If no domain details are available in the DNS Server, it shows this message.


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