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ManageEngine Data Security Plus

by : Zoho by Target Integration


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ManageEngine Data Security Plus logo
Manage Engine Data Security Plus
Manage Engine Data Security Plus
Manage Engine Data Security Plus

ManageEngine Data Security Plus

by : Zoho By Target Integration

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Brand: Zoho By Target Integration

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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ManageEngine Data Security Plus Software Overview

What is ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus? 

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus allows users take charge of handling their sensitive data. DataSecurity Plus is an agent-based data security solution that provides complete transparency across all the operations taking place in the company’s Windows file server environment. The software automatically comprehends the "who, what, where and when" behind every access event; and conducts data storage analysis. Consequently, it improves organization’s Windows file server data security and information systems, in a simple, efficient and cost-effective manner.

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus prevents any type of data leak through its real-time security monitoring. The software protects confidential company data from being stolen or malware infestation. The data leak prevention (DLP) tool in DataSecurity Plus identifies atypical user behaviour and halts the process of file withdrawal through external storage devices. Organizations can integrate all the storage devices for security monitoring. 

What features does ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus offer?

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus: 

  1. Data leak protection 
  2. Removable device control
  3. Automated incident response 
  4. Content aware protection
  5. Workstation auditing
  6. File server auditing 
  7. Data risk assessment
  8. File analysis

What are the benefits of ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus? 

Here are few benefits of ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus listed: 

  1. ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus prioritizes confidentiality for companies. 
  2. The system consistently cross-checks external USB devices for data transfer and malware infestation. 
  3. It has an automatic data leak detection and protection system that allows users to work conveniently. 
  4. The software enables automated work environment. 
  5. The data security management software uses content-centric approach for prioritization of file handling. 

What is the price of ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus? 

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus is available in two plans: 

  1. DataSecurity Plus (File Server Auditing) – Rs. 52,150/- for two file servers per year
  2. DataSecurity Plus (Risk Assessment) – Rs. 27,650/- for two file servers per year

Please request a call, if your service requires more than two server files. Our team will connect with you. 

ManageEngine Data Security Plus Features

  • checkbox Audit & analyze file /folder access DataSecurity Plus provides state of the art data auditing system. It automatically checks for anomalous server behavior and
  • checkbox Data Leak Preventions The software offers automated detection process for checking data leakages and generates instant alerts for users to block the
  • checkbox Compliance Monitoring This data security software complies with major national and international guidelines such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, and many
  • checkbox Ransom Protection The software has a stringent firewall to protect your system against ransomware infiltration. It detects and shuts down
  • checkbox Email Security ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus provides exemplary email security by generating instant alerts and block files with highly
  • checkbox File Change Monitoring The solution generates alerts on unintended and unauthorized system changes by supervising file activities. 
  • checkbox Disk Usage Analysis DataSecurity Plus enables organizations to monitor the data usage and manage servers seamlessly. 
  • checkbox USB Monitoring This software consistently monitors all the removable devices for data theft, malware infestation, etc. 
  • checkbox Permission Analysis It allows users to access insights on file and folder permissions with the file server permissions analyzer.

ManageEngine Data Security Plus Plans & Pricing

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ManageEngine Data Security Plus Specifications

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  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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27, Aug 2018
star star star star star
I had a good experience with this service. I found it very convenient to have a list of possibilities presented to me instead of searching all over the place.
satish kadam
04, Sep 2018
star star star star star
I was provided with the relevant software choices based on the size and projected growth of my company. The short list of companies provided helped to appropriately narrow the field and move to a good result in our software selection
Rakesh Bane
08, May 2018
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I was not certain of our actual needs due to limited experience with shipping. I was provided recommendations for some products that were priced higher than would be cost effective for the 5-8 LTL shipments a month our shop requires.
18, Jan 2018
star star star star star
Really quick and easy transaction. Received email with code and clear instructions to install immediately. Been using the software every day since purchasing and installing without any issues. Very good experience. Thank you!
Yoginder singh
04, Nov 2018
star star star star star
Great site to help narrow my search and find the right software for my business. Wealth of info on the site and great info from Chat and customer care contacts. I was able to narrow my list and get demos set up quickly and easily.

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ManageEngine Data Security Plus FAQ

Q. Where does ManageEngine DataSecurity save all the user data? arrow

A. ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus uses on-premise based data storage system.

Q. What should I do if get an error message after selecting the servers in ManageEngine DataSecurity? arrow

A. You have to ensure that the required privilege for sharing is offered in the domain configuration. Also, check selected servers for operation and accessibility from the computer where DataSecurity is installed.

Q. Can I get a demo for ManageEngine DataSecurity? arrow

A. Techjockey provides a demo for ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.

Q. Is there a ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus application for smartphones? arrow

A. No, ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus does not have a mobile application as of yet.

Q. What are the system requirements for ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus? arrow

A. ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus is a web-based software that is accessed through internet browsers.

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