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ManageEngine AssetExplorer is web-based IT Asset Management (ITAM) software that helps organizations to monitor and manage assets in the network from planning phase to disposal phase. AssetExplorer provides a number of ways to ensure discovery of all the assets in the organization’s network. Businesses can manage software and hardware assets, ensure software license compliance and track purchase orders and contracts - the whole nine yards! AssetExplorer is very easy to install and works right out of the box.

Product Features
ManageEngine AssetExplorer helps the organizations to discover and manage all the assets in the network. This holistic solution enables the organizations to manage the complete IT Asset lifecycle and ensures software license compliance. The organizations can make informed decisions about hardware and software purchases throughout the entire IT Life Cycle expertly and effortlessly track purchase orders and contracts. The solution helps the organizations to know the total cost of ownership of an asset. Frontend primary features of AssetExplorer consist of:
  • IT Asset Management: Extensive IT Asset Management features help organizations to monitor complete asset life-cycle from procurement to disposal. Auto-discovery and management of all hardware and software inventory deployed in the network is enabled in the solution. The organizations can readily drilldown into assets to view critical information (history, CI info, relationship etc.) as and when required.
  • CMDB: Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a centralized repository that stores information on all the significant entities in your IT environment. It is simple to view all the Configuration Items and their relationships. CMDB helps in root cause analysis and impact monitoring and around 50 pre-defined configuration types are available in the solution.
  • Software Asset Management & License Compliance: The solution allows the organizations to stay compliant with license agreements with easy-to-understand flash charts. Unused and under-utilized licenses can also be identified effortlessly.
  • Purchase Orders and Contracts: Purchase order workflow can be used for ease of purchase order generations. Businesses can also define contract details, rules and attach contracts and technician can be notified prior to contract expiration.
  • Remote Control: The Solution provides full control of any asset through remote access and enables organizations to perform maintenance tasks on remote systems efficiently.
  • Reports: Detailed pre-defined/custom/query reports can be readily generated based on various filters and the solution has the ability to schedule reports and deliver to specific inboxes as well.
About The Company
ManageEngine is a division of Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Zoho is a renowned company creating beautiful software to address business automation needs. Over the past decade of its journey, the Zoho suite has emerged to be a leader in software solutions. In an industry where technology changes at a relentless and dizzying pace, Zoho values persistence and endurance as highly as adaptability. With Zoho software solutions, customers get the enduring commitment to keep improving the experience and relentless devotion to customer satisfaction. The state-of-the-art solutions offered by Zoho equip the businesses with ultra-modern technology and tools contributing to the improved business generation and productivity with utmost customer satisfaction.

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