Manorama Lifeline  E-Clinic (Hospital Information Management System)

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Lifeline E-Clinic is an end-to-end enterprise HIMS solution designed to consolidate data at various level of hospital engagements and from multiple hospital care and administrative units such as financial, clinical, back office. It is a comprehensive and integrated ERP for Hospital Management solution available on the web which caters to appointment, registration, OPD, LIS, RIS, IPD, OT, IPD & billing module along with an online claim system, which is a must for efficient and effective management of a hospital or chain of hospitals. With integrated Mobile applications, it has upgraded systems for clinical & operational analytics, big data, national repository and interoperability. With the entire enterprise solution hosted on cloud, it is cost effective, without any hassles of backup or data corruption or loss. Accessibility of information like MIS reports and consolidation of data like accounts, inventory, stock, pharmacy helps management in better decision making and to keep a track record. The clinical decision making using EMR/ EHR enhances patient care and safety along with providing clinical analytics. The solution endeavours to reduce medical errors resulting in saving of time and better healthcare services. 

Product Features
Lifeline E-Clinic is a patient centric software solution equipped with WHO and global compliances. The software consists of built in database of typical procedures performed in the hospitals. A user customizable report template designer is provided within the solution to generate user desirable report formats. Effortless user management allows assigning the rights to individuals thereby ensuring security to the data software data. Versatile functionalities have been defined to carry out day to day operations such as billing, reporting, management of multiple branches of hospitals, referring doctors, referring Hospitals, inventory management, patient management etc. with centralized and total controlled user environment. The software is highly secured, user friendly, reliable and seamlessly integrated with web based information system. E-Claim with standard formatted data that can be automatically generated through system. Compelling features of Lifeline E-Clinic include:
  • Appointment Scheduler: This dedicated module takes care of all the appointments including the scheduling and execution. Patients can schedule their appointments and even cancel.
  • Reception Management: Overall Reception Management can be carried out effortlessly with extensive features and tools available in this module.
  • EMR (ICD E&M Codes): The solution supports EMR with ICD- 10 codes and highly integrated for patient identification, data consistency, and transparency.
  • E Prescription: The solution allows the generation of e-prescriptions for the patients with a single click thereby allowing them to access their prescription from anywhere anytime.
  • Billing Management: Billing can be handled flawlessly with comprehensive billing management features.
  • Insurance: Insurance and claim assistance is provided by the solution for perfect advice on the fingertips with excellent features available in this module.
  • Administration: Other administration functions can also be carried out effectively with the Administration module.
  • Reports: User defined reports can be instantly generated based on various filters using the report builder module. With just a few clicks, extensive reports can be generated on the go.
  • Correspondence & Secretarial Practice: All correspondence related tasks such as email communication, email drafting, sending and receiving is handled by this module along with other secretarial functions.
  • Professional Fees: Professional fees of all the doctors and specialists can be defined in this module that can be accessed by the stakeholders for reference.
About The Company
Manorama Infosolutions is a Pioneer in integrated IT Healthcare solutions serving the global healthcare industry. Designed and developed with the most recent technology, splendid IT Solutions from Manorama Infosolutions cater to the automation requirements of all corporate, government & charitable hospitals, medical institutes and clinical research organizations. Exclusive Healthcare solutions from this company are based on research and development of 14 yrs. with product line adopting variance in technology innovation. The solutions range from Inline architecture to cloud platform handling mobile/ portable devices. These solutions have been designed on the lines of WHO compliances, which are extremely secure and work in emergency/ critical area of the society. Hence, the company offers secure Apps, architecture on HL-7 protocol & HIPPA compliances. As a healthcare company, Manorama Infosolutions have worked with the region specific healthcare protocols. The solutions from this company have been introduced in India, Middle East & African continents with respective guidelines as stated by their governments. 

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