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Every Company process payroll for its employees; as a company grows manual processing becomes difficult. The software is capable enough to provide employee’s complete details on a single click which replaces the need of looking after of manual records. Marg Payroll Software can manage all systems like Human Resource Management system, Employee Payroll Management System, Employee Compliances Management System etc. effectively and efficiently. Also, the solution helps track information pertaining to employee compensation or related to wages (bonuses, etc.)
Product Features
  • Attendance: Allows user to maintain attendance in four ways i.e. attendance import from biometric machine, attendance import from excel, muster roll attendance, manual attendance
  • Leave Management: Marg HR Xpert Software is reliable software for managing absenteeism of employees, Calculations of Leave accruals and making payments accurate. Software provides provision for casual leaves, earned leaves, sick leaves, short leave etc
  • Salary Calculations: A user can calculate salary of all employees in an organization and can maintain month-wise salary summary, salary- slip, salary register and modes of salary payments.
  • Statutory Compliances: Allows user to calculate all types of statutory compliances i.e. P.F., E.S.IC., T.D.S. and Professional Tax & L.W.F
  • Bonus Management: - A bonus can be used as a reward for achieving specific goals set by the company, or for dedication to the company. In Marg HR Xpert user can maintain Bonus via. Bonus Setup, Bonus Payment, Bonus Report.
  • Arrears calculation and slip: - An arrear is any income that is owed by the Employer due to change in Salary structure of an employee and should have been paid earlier. The software helps maintain arrears through via. Arrear Entry & Arrear Slip.
  • FnF Settlements: The software enables user to process FnF of the employees leaving the organization
  • Access controls: – Provides admin to power to control amount of information access to specific people basis their level and ensure data protection
  • HRD Module: Helps user manage procedures/processes for employee hiring like application process, offer letter, appointment letter, promotion letter, relieving letter etc.

About The Company
Marg Compusoft is well known name for providing pharmaceutical, customized software and IT solutions. Known for its high quality IT solutions and services, Margo has been engaged in satiating the automation needs of various sectors including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, excise, retail etc. With a customer base of over 600000, 370 support centres and 1200 ERP clients, Margo targets to reach a new success horizon. With customer centric, technology oriented and regular innovation approach, the company is well known for its Accounting and ERP solutions.

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