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MARG Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software is designed to handle all the needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. MARG Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is committed to provide the best supporting system for the Pharmaceutical Business upgrading itself from time to time according to the market needs. The software integrates various activities in pharma manufacturing ranging from procurement, inventory management, production planning & control, sales & distribution, Quality assurance, finance management and many more.
Product Features 
A complete Pharma manufacturing suite which has bundle of features for ensuring effective and efficient management of activities of units at plant, warehouse, sales, etc. Below are the features offered by the software:

Entry level
  • Purchase Requirement Sheet as per Production Planning
  • Purchase Order & P.O. Management
  • Goods Receipt Note
  • Under Testing Slip
  • Inward Register
  • Ledger & Outstanding of Suppliers
Quality Control
  • Pharmacopoeia Master
  • Testing Requisition Slip to Q.C
  • Testing Requisition Slip to Outside Agency
  • Record of Analysis of RM/PM
  • Certificate of Analysis RM/PM
  • Release order RM/PM
  • Rejection order RM/PM
  • Approved/Rejection Slip
  • Sample Register of RM/PM
  • Stock Register as per Schedule -U
  • Re-testing and its records
  • Manufacturing Formula Record
  • RM/PM Requisition slip to issue RM/PM as per Master Formulation (For Action RM it calculates the Qty. as per claim, its assay as well overages).
  • Formulation (it calculates the qty. as per Batch size, its assay as well as overages. Advised batch size on before exp., Under-testing, re-testing & hold stock.)
  • Feature of issue extra material for the same batch and return of material
  • Production Register
  • Tag/Slip of all issued material with complete details
  • BMR/BPR (as per who GMP)
  • Testing Requisition Slip for testing bulk /finish
  • Yield Statement
Stock & Inventory reports
  • A.R. Wise Stock Register of RM/PM
  • B. No. Wise Stock of Finished Goods
  • Stock Valuation of RM/PM, un-tested Stock /under process Stock
  • Stock Status as on any date
  • Stock Register as per Schedule-U
  • Re-tested/Mfd. /Exp. dated stock
  • Separate Store for Rejected stock
  • Minimum/Maximum level stock
  • Negative, Dump & Hold Stock
  • Production Planning of Finished Goods on Sales & Minimum basis
  • Sales & Receipt/Issue Analysis
  • ABC Analysis, Bank Statement & Summaries
Finished goods quality control
  • Protocol Master
  • Record of Analysis of Bulk/Intermediate/Finish
  • Certificate of Analysis of Bulk/Intermediate/Finish
  • Release order for Bulk/Intermediate/Finish
  • Rejection order for Bulk/Intermediate/Finish
  • Sample Register
  • Control Sample Register
  • Testing process
  • Micro Biology Testing
  • Moisture Contents
  • Sterility Controls
  • Quality Audit Record
  • Calibration Records
Billing & ITS record
  • Sales Order & S.O. Management
  • Challan/Packing Slips
  • Excise Gate Pass & Trade Invoice
  • E-mail Softcopy of Invoice to Buyer for Purchase import
  • Cover Note
  • Bank Letter
  • Export Invoice & Packing Slips
  • Reminder Letter for Sales Tax Forms
  • Reminder Letter for Payment
  • Excise Record RG-1, ER-1, PLA, RG-23 Part II
  • Provision for multiple Discounts, Scheme & Govt. Levies
  • SMS of Invoice Detail, Payment Confirmation, New Product launch, Outstanding Seasonal Greetings, etc.
Data entries
  • Payment/Receipt/Journal/Debit & Credit Note
Financial Accounting
  • Ledgers/Cash/Bank Books on Tips
  • Monthly summaries of Ledgers & Groups
  • Bank/Ledger Reconciliation & Interest Calculation
  • Voucher, Cheque, Dr/Cr Note & Payment Advice Printing
  • Bank Letter (Per Bank bills)
  • Reminders for Collection, A/c conformation, Bank, S.T. Form
  • CMS/Purchase Cheques & Funds/Bank Planning
  • Trial Balance/Trading/P & L Account/Balance Sheet on Tips
  • Ledger/Group Analysis & Comparisons
Excise reports/registers
  • ER-1
  • Form RG-1 (Daily Stock Status)
  • Stock Register
  • Sales Book with Excise details
  • MIS
  • G.P. Analysis with Last Year Comparisons
  • Monthly/Item/Finished Group Gross Profit Analysis: Parties, MR's, Routes, HQT., Date, Bill & Day wise
  • Costings and Quotations as per DPCO Act
  • Production Planning
  • Wastage Analysis on all Batch/Product/Date, Item & In-process
  • Various types of Outstanding/Stock Ageing Analysist
  • Easy New Financial year creation with automatic carry
  • balance to successive financial year
  • Carry balance from last year at any time
  • Error Checking & Re-posting of Data (Self Doctor)
  • Popup Calculator & User File on Tips
  • Shortcut Keys (Standard Narration)
  • Data Freezing
  • Sales, Purchase & Ledger wise data freezing
  • Self-Backup, FTP backup
  • Software / Operator/ Company Password
  • Operators wise Power & Boundations
  • Operator Log Book
  • Voucher History & Passing Authority
Switch Overo software / Operator/ Company Password
  • Operators wise Power & Boundations
  • Operator Log Book
  • Voucher History & Passing Authority
  • Multiple Companies
  • Multi-Unit
  • Multiple Go-downs
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multiple Financial Years
  • Flexible date format D/M/Y, M/D/Y, Y/M/D
  • Flexible currency symbol & Name
  • Flexible voucher numbering system
  • Flexible financial year beginning date & period
  • Delete financial year & Company with 2 Backup sets
  • Customization and self – formatting
About The Company
Marg Compusoft is well known name for providing pharmaceutical, customized software and IT solutions. Known for its high quality IT solutions and services, Margo has been engaged in satiating the automation needs of various sectors including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, excise, retail etc. With a customer base of over 600000, 370 support centres and 1200 ERP clients, Margo targets to reach a new success horizon. With customer centric, technology oriented and regular innovation approach, the company is well known for its Accounting and ERP solutions.

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