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About McAfee Internet Security

What is McAfee Antivirus?

McAfee antivirus software guards your computer and data against all major cyber threats, such as viruses, ransomware, malware, unwanted programs, spyware and more. The software is configured with advanced optimization tools, helping your PC to perform smoothly. This device enables the protection of data across all types of devices, whether it’s a PC, Mac, Smartphone, or tablet.

How does it perform as a Threat Intelligence Network?

McAfee is in the market for the last 30 years. It constantly gathers data on viruses, malware, fileless attacks, threats from more than 500 million endpoints across the world.

How McAfee Antivirus uses Endpoint Security?

To deliver a close-knit understanding of risk and posture, it defends the entire digital terrain. The endpoint security network keeps your system safe from ransomware, zero-day, combat fileless, and nuisance attacks along with up-to-date unified management and augmented defence.

Pricing of McAfee Antivirus

McAfee antivirus offers different forms of services based on the plan they are opting for. The subscription charges can differ depending on the plans listed below: 

  1. Individual: For one device protection, you get one manager license at Rs 1,000.00 for a year. 
  2. Household: Ensure antivirus protection of up to ten devices at your home at Rs 1,999.00 for a year. 
  3. Multi-Device: If you want to opt for the antivirus protection of five devices, you can get the multi-device plan at Rs 1,399.00 for a year.

You can request for a callback to get a suitable quote for McAfee antivirus. 

Benefits of McAfee Antivirus 

McAfee Antivirus uses different security analytics, SIEM, cloud security, and machine learning technologies for detecting malicious actions and creating a complete protection network for your devices. There are also web safety tools, which assist in streaming online without the fear of assimilating virus.

Sold By : McAfee

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McAfee Internet Security Features

It comes with the communication layer, which enables collaborating with different technologies.
For stronger threat analysis, it replaces products that work in the cellar with a feasible framework and provides real-time protection.
It centralizes the management of devices by offering user scans with zero impact and minimizing system impact.
Multiple defence mechanisms work together and take action against threats. It also provides intuitive reports, which help quickly detect problems and correct them.
As per your subscription plan you can use it to protect other computers as well.
With multiple operating systems and owing to the cross-platform policies available for Mac, Windows and Linux systems, one can easily manage their corporate networks.
The users can integrate it with other operating systems which include Mac, Windows and Linux.
There are many online threats and viruses that affect your system due to streaming. This antivirus saves users from such threats.
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