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Payroll Software is a solution designed for the multi-company, multi-branch and multi department to manage all the payroll accounting and administration processes in the company. The software comprises of different slabs like ESIC, PT, PF and Labour Welfare forms that help manage the payroll activities effectively. It includes different registers and reports for active management and improved productivity of the payroll department. The software is widely accepted by businesses and corporates to manage HR processes in a smart, efficient and simple way. The payroll software also provides full software support through the system.

Product Features
  • Company Master- Helps define and manage multiple companies and the important information using a single interface.
  • Department Master- Helps manage department list wisely.
  • Employee Master- A well-designed employee master allows users to manage all the information related to an employee in the easiest way.
  • Holiday Master- Defines public holidays as well as non-working days in the payroll system.
  • Slab Master- Helps the user to manage tax slab and tax amount on their own.
  • Attendance Entry- Keeps and manages the attendance record of the employees.
  • Salary Entry- Processes employee salary easily and accurately based on the attendance machine data or excel based data.
  • Bonus Entry- Helps track the performances of the employee for the bonus purposes.
  • Advance Entry- Easy to manage advances and loans given to the employees.
  • Leave Entry- Records employee leaves efficiently and makes leave management system easy to use.

About the Company
MicroDot Softwares is a global software solution provider which involves “Business Analysis and IT consultancy”. The company works with large global corporations and next generation technology companies - to produce new products or services and to implement practical business and technology strategies to cater today's dynamic digital environment effectively.

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