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Outlook is an email sharing software program by Microsoft which is used for emails and personal management of information. Outlook is an email and calendar software that help users stay on top of what matters and get things done. It is also the preferred email client used to access Microsoft exchange email server. Other than emails, outlook is a great tool to enhance individual’s and team’s productivity by the various available functionalities like calendar which helps in setting up meeting invites and collaboration, manage events efficiently, categorize mails and prioritize them and a lot more.
Product Features
Outlook is an email sharing client which help users share information and files/documents via mails, collaborate with stakeholders, boost productivity. The tool has a basket of functionalities which help bring in efficiency in organization’s operations. Also, Outlook is available as a mobile application as well which help users access information anytime/anywhere, on the go.
Below are some of the features: 
  • Information sharing via mail – Users can share relevant information and document(s) with the required stakeholder(s) and mark the same as important/urgent, etc. as per nature of the mail.
  • Schedule appointments/meetings – Single or multiple people, the user can set up meeting and share invites with relevant people basis their availability and the same can be forwarded by the initial recipients to further people as required.
  • Manage time – Helps boost productivity with calendar which helps manage time efficiently. A user can view other’s calendar as well and schedule meetings accordingly.
  • Mail management – The feature help manages mails by categorizing/flagging them basis requirement and urgency. Users can create categories and assign a color to it. Also, rules can be defined in terms of creating folders where in a mail would fall directly as per the rules being set.
  • Remote access – Outlook can be configured in a user’s mobile via an application and the relevant information can be accessed anytime/anywhere, while on the go.
  • Reminders – While using Outlook, users get a pop-up reminder for the events that are due and the time when they are due. Also, the same can be customized by a user as per need.
About The Company
Microsoft Corporation is a company that makes computer software and video games for users around the world. Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded the company in 1975.Microsoft makes Windows, Microsoft Office, Edge, MSN and the Xbox One, among others. Most Microsoft programs cannot be downloaded for free - people have to buy them in a shop or online. Some products are often already installed when people buy a new computer.

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