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Neemus Clinic Management, Nee Clinic, is an ultimate automation solution that enables the clinics to manage overall operations effectively. The solution enables clinics to manage patients, doctors, appointments, and diagnostics among others on a single platform. The software with browser support allows the clinic management from anywhere anytime on the go. The software contributes to enhanced productivity and allows the clinics to serve the patients better. This cost-effective solution is simple to deploy and easy to use without any specific technical know-how. Providing multiple customizable reports, the software allows the users to take effective decisions with useful analytical data.
Product Features
Nee Clinic is one stop shop for all automation need of the clinics. The software is an impeccable solution offering state-of-the-art features and tools to manage entire clinic operations and processes. May they be patients, doctors, appointments, fee, diagnosis, or reports- all can be effectively administered and managed effortlessly with this intuitive module. Highly integrated solution, Nee Clinic has been enabled with SMS facility to facilitate the smooth communication with patients. The primary features of Nee Clinic include:
  • Patients: All vital details of patients can be captured in specially designed patients’ module. The patient history, illness symptoms and diagnosis can be recorded in a centralized database that can be universally accessed on the go.
  • Appointment: Appointments can be scheduled and managed efficiently with specific appointment management features.
  • Fee: Consultation fee collection on daily basis can be tracked and complete details of the fee collected from each patient can be readily calculated.
  • Prescription: The prescriptions from doctor to the patients can be preserved safely in the software itself thereby enabling the doctor to recall instantly regarding the treatment prescribed to each patient timelessly.
  • Diagnostic: All diagnostics suggested to the patients can be listed in this module. The module captures the diagnostic tests conducted with other essential details and the test results to facilitate the doctor with exact illness.
  • Reports and Analysis: Various customizable reports are provided with the software that generates data for analysis to help clinics in effective decision-making.
About the Company
Neemus offers efficient yet uncomplicated software products and services and its driving philosophy is uncomplicated Innovation. The company believes in un-complicating software so that businesses can focus on the productivity and business generation. Anticipating the unique business needs, Neemus provides customized solutions to suit actual business needs instead of following a cookie cutter approach. Neemus designs the products in partnership with the customers and in coordination with the real users. Company doesn’t just offer great software but its strength lies in the commitment to make it a success with complete and continuous support. Neemus handholds the implementation & rollout until the client organization embraces the software and reaps the benefits offered by the software.

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