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NEEPOS is a cutting edge online Point of Sales Software that empowers businesses to perform and manage all operations smoothly. The retail businesses can readily manage their inventory, requisitions, sales, returns and invoicing along with collections with an interactive interface provided by the solution. NEEPOS is easy to use and simply deployable as web application thereby facilitating the solution and data access from anywhere anytime for utmost administration.

Product Features
NEEPOS is a user-friendly software solution for retail businesses to manage all point of sale operations flawlessly. It is BARCODE/RFID enabled cloud based point of sales system for geographically distributer retail operations. This feature rich solution empowers the businesses with all vital automation features and tools required for profound management of POS. The reporting tools provided within the solution help businesses to get analytical data for useful business insights. Enduring NEEPOS features include:
  • Stock Requisition: All purchases and stock requisition can be effortlessly managed in the software hassle freely. The solution deals with all supplier details, quotations, purchase orders and vital elements for stock acquisition.
  • Inventory: Complete inventory management can be handled efficiently with comprehensive inventory features provided in the software. Opening and closing stock is auto-calculated in the solution on the basis of all stock transactions and keeps the stock details handy for any decision making.
  • Sales: The sales operations have been smartly and intelligently automated and integrated with the inventory module that update the stock instantly on a sale transaction. The businesses can track their daily/ monthly sales with just a few clicks.
  • Barcode: Barcode generation has been facilitated within the software. Barcode machine integration allows the immediate capturing of product details at the time of sale/ stock transaction.
  • Gift Vouchers: Managing gift vouchers, entitlements and redemptions have been made simple with this innovative solution.
  • Collection: The collection done on daily/ monthly and other basis can be monitored on the go with instant updating of the collection amount.
  • Reports: Various reports can be generated to view the status of sales, purchases, stock, collection and many more business aspects with just few clicks which in turn may help in taking decisions.
About The Company
Neemus offers efficient yet uncomplicated software products and services and its driving philosophy is uncomplicated Innovation. The company believes in un-complicating software so that businesses can focus on the productivity and business generation. Anticipating the unique business needs, Neemus provides customized solutions to suit actual business needs instead of following a cookie cutter approach. Neemus designs the products in partnership with the customers and in coordination with the real users. Company doesn’t just offer great software but its strength lies in the commitment to make it a success with complete and continuous support. Neemus handholds the implementation & rollout until the client organization embraces the software and reaps the benefits offered by the software.

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