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About Neo Dine

What is Neo Dine?

Neo Dine is an advanced restaurant management software, which features a wide variety of tools to help restaurants, dine outs, bars, bistros and food joints to speed up their services and increase their processes. Admins get to monitor their staff, manage table bookings, food orders and payments from the dashboard offered by Neo Dine. With Neo Dine, users get to manage the entire billing process in an efficient manner, from adding or removing items from a specific order to splitting the bills. Further, the software features a customizable interface enabling the restaurant owners to add or remove modules.

How does Neo Dine help manage restaurant orders?

Restaurant owners get to manage daily proceedings of their restaurant business from the intuitive dashboard offered by the software. They can distinguish the orders into separate categories as per the order type (delivery, dine-in or takeaway). The software simplifies the preparation and tracking process for the restaurant staff. Most importantly, the advanced kitchen display system offered by Neo Dine displays the ordered items in the kitchen as soon as the order gets placed.  

Pricing of Neo Dine

Neo Dine price may vary as per your restaurant’s needs for customized features. To know more about this restaurant management software, you can send us a call back request. Our team will provide you all the necessary help.

Compatible Platforms for Neo Dine

Neo Dine is compatible with all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It also has a dedicated mobile app for Android users. 

Benefits of using Neo Dine Restaurant Management Software

  1. Advanced Kitchen Display System: The advanced kitchen display system displays the food items ordered by the customers and specification, if any, in real-time. 
  2. Transaction Review: Neo Dine maintains a detailed record of all business transactions within your restaurant. Starting from placing an order for raw materials, daily sale of a particular item to the number of takeaways and the number of customers. 
  3. Menu Customization: Restaurant owners and managers can create menu plans, add new menus along with modifiable items. They can also set prices for different menus and taxes. 
  4. Sales Chart: Users can monitor daily sales of their restaurant business and make changes within their business campaigns accordingly. 

Sold By : Sai Touch Solutions

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Neo Dine Features

Users can manage their restaurant-related billing process, add or remove items from a particular order and split the bill among the customers in an accurate way.
Restaurant managers can update their table reservation schedules enabling the customers to pre-book tables from the mobile app.
Restaurant owners can create multiple menus, modify them, add new ones on a seasonal basis as per their business needs or demands from the customers.
Restaurants can make modifications within a particular order as per request from their customers. They can even set item wise prices accompanied by taxes.
Users can keep track of all items within their restaurant inventories, manage their stock levels and place new orders with ease.
Neo Dine offers cashier based sales reports, enabling restaurant owners to keep track of their daily sales in an efficient manner.
Neo Dine has a dedicated mobile app for Android operated mobile devices.

Get Neo Dine support16 Chatting right now

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Neo Dine Specifications


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Neo Dine FAQs

Yes, Neo Dine hosts a wide variety of inventory management tools, enabling its users to monitor the stock level within their restaurant’s inventory at regular intervals.
Yes, you can manage a chain of restaurants, assign staff, launch campaigns and do all the other needful things with the help of Neo Dine.
Yes, Techjockey does provide an online software demo for Neo Dine. You just need to send a specific time and date along with your demo request.
Users can create multiple menu lists, add orders on a seasonal basis and set their prices as per customer’s demand.
Yes, Neo Dine has a dedicated mobile app for Android devices.

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