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Brand: Nexmo

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Nexmo Software Overview

What is Nexmo?

Nexmo software, currently known as Vonage, is a leading cloud communications platform that provides expert support to growing startups and agile enterprises. It helps elevate the customer experience and ensures that they enjoy new business outcomes on a large scale. The IVR software supports Voice API and SIP trunking which enables the clients to use cloud-based calling systems. 

Nexmo has a unique messaging system that helps cater to customer queries automatically, thereby improving the customer service. The users can send and receive SMS to and from their customers from any country. The software guards the client companies against fraud with its Number Insight API feature, which provides real-time information about a customer’s phone number(s). 

How is the Virtual phone number feature beneficial for client companies?

With Nexmo, client companies can get access to virtual phone numbers with ease. One can acquire different phone numbers through the Nexmo platform and send them to the clients for effective communication. Users can also develop other communication tools by writing a few lines of code. Virtual phone numbers help clients reach out to their target audience efficiently. Further, it allows the clients to acquire any local phone number from any place around the globe with a simple API call. 

How does the Number Insight API Feature of Nexmo Benefit the clients?

The Number Insight API feature of the software helps companies easily identify thousands of phone numbers around the globe and plan effective ways to reach out to the customers. The companies use fresher data from real-time sources for this purpose. With this feature, they can prevent fraud, block fake accounts and assess all risk factors in the business. It validates the legitimacy of any phone number and ensures that it is reachable so that there are fewer delivery errors.

Pricing of Nexmo

There are different pricing categories for various sections such as SMS, Voice Calls, Number Verification and getting Number Insights. There is also a separate plan designed for large-scale Enterprises. All of them are totally customizable. You are requested to contact us for any further updates on pricing.

How is the Verify API Feature Helpful for the Clients?

With the software’s Verify API feature, validating genuine customers has become a lot easier for client companies. The software’s unique feature comes with Nexmo’s patented 2FA technology which protects the companies against any fraud and also helps clients connect with brands through multiple channels. 

Businesses can authenticate customers using their preferred channels or add new ones like WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger, etc., to reach out to them. The software ensures that the whole conversation is safe with its single user authorization code that is also time bound. Companies can easily block spams with Nexmo’s Verify API feature.  

Nexmo Features

  • checkbox IVR/Voice Recognition Nexmo has an IVR voice service to provide quick and easy service to the customers.
  • checkbox Lead IVR Feature The software collects leads on behalf of the client company and helps increase their sales.
  • checkbox Call Recording The software records all calls between the customer and the agents of the client companies. 
  • checkbox Time/Day Schedule The software helps clients schedule their calls based on the working hours and days of their business.
  • checkbox Security This cloud-based software provides top-level security to its users. It connects them to others without exposing their real phone

Nexmo Plans & Pricing

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Nexmo Specifications

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  • Windows
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  • All Industries
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  • English

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Nexmo FAQ

Q. Does Nexmo software provide protection against scams? arrow

A. Nexmo prevents bulk account creation, minimizes the need for sharing personal information among the users and provides a frictionless registration experience to mobile users to protect against scams.

Q. Does the software support chat feature? arrow

A. With Nexmo’s messaging API feature, you can easily communicate with your customers through MMS, SMS and other social media chat sites.

Q. What is the SIP Trunking feature of Nexmo software? arrow

A. The software’s SIP Trunking system helps clients connect their existing Private Branch Exchange system with the world instantly. As a company, you can scale up or down with the software’s virtually unlimited capacity.

Q. Is Nexmo software’s password-less feature helpful? arrow

A. The software has efficiently replaced the static passwords with one-time use codes that are sent over SMS, voice calls or through push messaging services. The feature makes it more convenient and reliable for users to access the client’s application.

Q. How Nexmo software protects your account? arrow

A. Nexmo helps clients communicate with their customers efficiently and seamlessly. At the same time, it ensures that the whole communication process is safe and secure with two-factor authentication and encrypted communication.

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