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About Next Erp

What is Next ERP? 

Next ERP is a high-end human resource management software. It is a one-stop solution for every office. The HRMS software has a simple user interface that makes the work of HR teams conclusive and trouble-free. Next ERP HRMS software has well-built modules that let HR teams micromanage the workplace without interfering with the daily work of the office. It gives the user a comprehensive approach to practice all the activities for the HR team from a single platform. 

Next ERP human resource management software allows HR teams to supervise every employee’s performance and build comprehensive reports of their assessment. It is an excellent HRMS software to have at your expense to make sure that your workflow is smooth. 

What are the benefits of Next ERP? 

Next ERP offers a lot of benefits to organizations using it. Here are a few listed below for a better view of the HRMS software:

  1. All HR tasks can be done from a single platform. 
  2. Next ERP increases the pace of all the HR Management activities. 
  3. Next ERP HRMS software has one of the best data protection systems in the market. 
  4. Next ERP offers a completely paperless environment, which results in saving money on stationery effectively. 
  5. Next ERP offers intelligent insights into your office that help you improve your workplace engagement.
  6.  This HRMS software avoids data loss by creating backups periodically. 
  7. Next ERP HRMS software is very easy to use. The software facilitates even novices to get started immediately and master the features.

What is the price of the Next ERP software?

Next ERP HRMS software is available in three different plans; they are:

  1. Bronze Plan – Rs. 2,499/- per month (for 0-50 employees) 
  2. Silver Plan – Rs. 4,999/- per month (for 0-50 employees)
  3. Gold Plan – Rs. 7,499/- per month (for 0-50 employees)

Features vary from plan to plan. There are add-on features that include: 

  1.  Applicant Tracking System – Rs. 50 per employee per month
  2. Performance Management System – Rs. 50 per employee per month
  3. Travel Management System – Rs. 50 per employee per month

For further inquiries and doubts, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you at the earliest. 

Sold By : Next Technology M2H Infotech

Get Next Erp support 24 Chatting right now

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Next Erp Features

Get Next Erp support24 Chatting right now

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Next Erp Specifications


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