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About Nitso Payroll Software

Nitso Payroll software will streamline the process of making payment to the employees of your organization. It will automate certain activities like calculating salary, withholding taxes, depositing salary amount in the banks of employees, etc. You can add or modify any number of salary components using the proposed software. It allows you to freeze the salary in case of employee termination. Moreover, the record of supplementary payments made to employees can also be managed using Nitso Payroll.



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About Nitso

Nitso Technologies is a privately held company that provides with cloud-based solutions such as payroll software, HRMS, fixed asset management system, inventory management software, billing software, etc. Headquartered in Gurgaon, it also has two branch offices in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Nitso has proven track record in the line of satisfying customers with its qualitative software.

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You can add any number of earning and deduction components.

You can manage complete employee data using the respective module.

It makes the calculation of employee & employer part in PF easier.

ESIC summary sheet and challan can be prepared easily.

You can define professional tax slabs for different states, and prepare PTAX challan quickly.

It facilitates automatic calculation of TDS on salary.

Any extra payment to be made is managed by supplementary payment module.

Attendance management module helps in managing attendance and minimizing the loss due to employee time theft.


Manage tax deduction on salary as per income tax rate with the respective module.

Handle salaries of employees and all the factors associated with it seamlessly.

Calculate salary increment and manage details related to it.

Do full & final settlement for the employees who have left.

This module facilitates compliance with statutory requirement and generating report accordingly.

Generate reports to evaluate the performance of human resources activities and department.

Plans and Pricing


Nitso Payroll Management


  • Salary Components/Heads
  • Employee Management
  • Leave Attendence
  • Loan/Advanced
  • Provident Fund
  • ESIC Challan
  • Professional Tax
  • TDS with multi TAN Management
  • Supplementary Payments
  • Full & Final Settlement


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Below are some frequently asked questions for Nitso Payroll Software

Q. I am not a payroll expert. Will I be able to use this software?

Nitso Payroll software has been designed for business owners and not payroll experts. You will not find it difficult to use with due to its user-friendly interface.

Q. I am a service provider, can I still use Nitso Payroll software?

From service providers to manufacturing companies, Nitso payroll software is designed to fit the payroll management needs of most types of organizations.


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