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Power Translators are built from the ground up to solve today’s difficult problems of importing quality CAD data into 3ds max. The Plug-in has been battle hardened in the most demanding productions at some of the best 3d visualization rendering facilities in the World. The 3ds professionals spoke and we listened and together we developed the most advanced, best integrated, highest quality Max CAD translator on the market today.



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About IntegrityWare

IntegrityWare, Inc. is a company specializing in supplying 3-D geometric modeling and graphics technology solutions to vendors in a variety of industries. As a full-service provider, Integrity Ware offers consulting services, NURBS-based software libraries, and Polygon-based software libraries. Take a look at their mission statement below to find out more about our company and the business we are focusing on.
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Imports Precise geometric NURBS data for Trimmed Surfaces, Solids Models and Assemblies from IGES, STEP, SAT, and Rhino formats. Assemblies can be imported into a Power Assembly to maintain their hierarchical structure
Exports Power NURBS objects into IGES, STEP, SAT and Rhino formats. Bring your Power Solids objects into your favorite CAD system
Combines one or more Power NURBS Objects into a single Power NURBS object with optional sewing, merging or intersecting
Power Translators Imported NURBS objects are procedural allowing you the freedom to increase or decrease the polygon count of the View port Mesh or Render Mesh
Direct editing of NURBS objects similar to Max’s Editable Mesh tool. It includes: Hide, UnHide, Delete, Faces, Flip Normals, Unify Normals, Intersection, Attach, Detach, etc
Provides a full hierarchy browser giving you immediate access to objects nested in the history stack

Plans and Pricing

On Premise

Power Translator Basic

Rs. 33165.00 ( Lifetime )

  • Power Translators enables users to import Precise CAD Models into 3ds max or VIZ from IGES; Rhino; STEP and SAT Files
  • Precise NURBS Representation
  • Power NURBS Export
  • Power Join
  • Power Navigator
  • Power Editable NURBS


Autodesk Autocad

Autodesk Autocad



Power NURBS Pro

Power NURBS Pro

Chaosgroup V-Ray for Maya

Chaosgroup V-Ray for Maya

Re Vision Effects RSMB

Re Vision Effects RSMB

Autodessys form•Z pro

Autodessys form•Z pro

Autodessys form•Z jr

Autodessys form•Z jr


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Amit Yergude

great service, very satisfied with it.

12th June, 2018

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  • I was not certain of our actual needs due to limited experience with shipping. I was provided recommendations for some products that were priced higher than would be cost effective for the 5-8 LTL shipments a month our shop requires.
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