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About Ornate-2017

ORNATE-2017 allows a Wholesaler to manage this function very well through the Wholesale entry. Whenever you issue diamonds for manufacturing or receive ready ornaments from manufacturing (Artisan / Karigar / Smith), then ORNATE-2017 will allow you to maintain the stock balance of each Artisan in either fine weight or net weight. You can also choose to specify labour charges in either currency or diamond (in the form of wastage). Artisan payments can also be made in either currency or diamond. You can convert such outstanding from diamond to currency or vice-versa by using the Fixing option of ORNATE-2017 .



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About Dsoft

D’soft Infotech is a software product company with more than 500+ man-years of IT experience and 20+ years of rich insights into the jewellery industry. The age-old jewellery industry of India has been recently undergoing a revolutionary transformation. The industry stands on the foundation of trust and relationships, but now in the recent years, in the advent of globalisation and growing information technology, the jewellery industry too is adapting professionalism. With this paradigm shift, the industry was in dire need of technological solutions to handle the business management. Unlike other manufacturing or retail industries, jewellery industry is very complex in nature and as the highly priced materials is involved, prudent technologies solutions become imperative.
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Diamond & Currency ledger is available in detailed as well as summarized format. It helps in balancing customer, supplier and artisan accounts on the basis of both diamond and currency at a time. The Outstanding report (Diamond & Currency) is very precise and in crisp format.
All items can be tagged with plain computerized tags.
All stock reports are available on gross weight, net weight or fine weight as per requirement. A separate, item-stock ledger report with wastage issue and wastage receipt is also available.
To maintain stock of your real diamond Jewellery, precious and semi-previous stone Jewellery, ORNATE 2017 provides studded Jewellery management functionality. In this, along with gold or platinum, you can also define different types of diamond or stone with details of 4Cs:
  • Cut / Shape (Marquise, Topaz, Oval etc.)
  • Clarity (VVS1, VS1, VS2 etc.)
  • Colour (J, H, I etc.)
  • Size (6.5-11, 11-13 etc.)
Based on the above information, the software generates different reports having total stock, bifurcation of stock with diamond and stone details as well as separate summaries of diamond and stone stock, style wise and size wise stock.
A separate report indicating gain & loss incurred from transactions based on fine diamond is available with control report option.
You can fix diamond rates against any outstanding diamond (i.e. conversion of your diamond outstanding into amount) or you can fix diamond rates against any outstanding amount (i.e. conversion of your amount outstanding into diamond).
Apart from Supplier / Customer outstanding, reports would include all reports right from cash book, bank book, journal, day book, ledger accounts to control reports like trial balance and Opening trial balance sheet. Apart from this, all registers like issue, receipt, sales and purchase are also prepared in predefined formats.

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orante 2017


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  • Account Management
  • Balance sheet
  • Currency Ledger


Orante 2017


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