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About payPLUS

PayPLUS helps merchants to manage their business in the most effective & easiest way with a lot of products to select from. Our first offering ‘Contact’ is available and lets merchants to engage with their customers in a simple but highly effective manner and helps increase repeat customer visits.



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About payPLUS

payPLUS helps merchants to manage their business in the most effective & easiest way with a lot of products to select from. Our first offering ‘Contact’ is available and lets merchants to engage with their customers in a simple but highly effective manner and helps increase repeat customer visits.
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We can streamline your multi-state business fast - in only a couple of days – and you’ll finally have time to celebrate. As your HR department we’ll take care of you and your employees. You’ll have access to a complete and immediate HR infrastructure, including payroll, benefits, and workers’ compensation. Our medical benefit plan is effective nationwide, and we assume responsibility for paying all federal, state, and local payroll taxes and workers’ compensation premiums. Plus, you’ll have access to the labor and job cost information in an easy-to-understand format. Communication is a cinch with our secure Online Service Center. In this 24/7 portal employees can find answers about your company’s policies and benefits. It’s also where they can print paycheck stubs and W-2s. Employees will wonder how you do it. We're totally cool with letting them think it's all you. Plus, you’ll finally have time to do what you do best.
We’re excited for your growth and are the answer to your small business administration problem. You can rent a complete HR department from us - for a fraction of the cost it would take to hire an internal HR employee. We’ll even help you establish the policies needed to guide your company’s day-to-day operation. As your very own HR department, we can reduce considerable overhead and help you attract and retain the kind of employees you need for your business to thrive. Your employees will be pleased with the robust benefits package. They’ll appreciate the customized Online Service Center where they can access secure information about benefits, policies, and so much more. As your business amplifies, you’ll be in control.
We’d love to simplify your search for answers. We constantly research new and innovative ways to provide terrific packages and services that our clients can offer to their employees. That’s why as part of our package we offer robust benefits. We’ll analyze your specific needs and recommend the best benefits and rates available for your group. Our plans offer nationwide coverage in the following areas: ? Medical ? Dental ? Vision ? Life insurance ? Long-term disability ? Short-term disability ? 401(k) retirement plan ? Employee Assistance Program
xWe can provide you with a complete and immediate HR infrastructure including payroll and benefits, comparable to those offered by large companies. With us as your HR department, we become your primary point of contact and will guide you through HR issues and challenges. Our experts are knowledgeable about regulations and laws with which your company must comply. We’ll assist you in the development of a company handbook, based on required employer laws and regulations and make the information available to you and your employees through a customized, secure Online Service Center. Plus, we provide and administer benefits, payroll, and 401(k) so you can better utilize the hours in your day. We can even help you satisfy ACA compliance with RiskRT® if you are an applicable large employer. Your employees will appreciate your transparency.
Payroll is an integral part of our services. Our streamlined payroll process eliminates delays and errors. Our payroll specialists are your specialists, experts in local, state, and federal taxes, as well as child support garnishments. Commissions, expense reimbursements, and even paid leaves are details we understand. Our online time entry system allows managers to track and approve employees’ hours before we process paychecks. We provide detailed reports, specific to the needs of your company, providing you with accountability needed to meet regulations and the ability to understand labor costs each pay cycle. We even offer multi-state payroll. We provide workers’ compensation insurance - regardless of the state your employees work - without an upfront benefit premium deposit from your company. We also oversee annual audits from workers’ compensation payments to our carrier and safeguard against potential premium adjustments based on under-reporting of total wages. No longer will you be subject to litigation from employees injured on the job. And, of course, we issue W-2s. Our customized Online Service Center allows managers instant access to information such as payroll and labor reports. Also, employees may access their personnel payroll and earning statements, along with company policies, benefit information, and time-off status. Employees may participate in direct deposit, allocating funds to as many banks or separate accounts as needed. Your workforce will be happy and so will you as you focus on what you do best.
Accessing and creating labor reports is easy with our secure Online Service Center. The 24/7 dashboard allows you to easily and accurately allocate resources, analyze profitability, and invoice clients. Instead of contacting the payroll department for employee information, you can simply log into a secure system to access the data yourself, allowing you control. All reports can be customized by check date, pay period, and date range for one employee or all of them. You can even receive automatic emails notifying you when reports are ready to view. And since these reports require a login ID and password to access and drill-down to the details, there’s no need to worry about confidential information falling into the wrong hands. You’ll essentially have tools you need to forecast needed cash flow. Plus, paper waste, shipping and storage are virtually eliminated. With the data you need, you’ll have time to properly strategize. Customers will think business is thriving, you’ll know it is.
We make connecting with employees possible. Effective communication becomes part of your culture with our secure Online Service Center. In this customized 24/7 portal your employees can access information from a smartphone or computer and find immediate answers to questions about medical benefits, preferred providers, 401(k) investments, time-off status, company policies, and W-2 information, to name a few. Managers can access payroll reports and invoices, job cost and labor detail reports, human resource inquiries, and more. And if something can’t be found online, our experienced team is only a phone call away. Using simple technology to communicate will even benefit face-to-face meetings. Motivation and productivity become byproducts.

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Below are some frequently asked questions for payPLUS

Q. Why would a small business outsource an HR infrastructure?

Small business owners want to focus their time and energy on the business of their company and not on the business of employment and more paperwork. As businesses grow, most owners don't have the necessary human resource training, payroll and accounting skills, knowledge of regulatory compliance - like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – or backgrounds in risk management, insurance, and employee benefit programs to meet the demands of being an employer.

Q. What’s in it for me?

You’ll love knowing all your bases are completely covered. You’ll finally have a chance to sleep through the night again, unless – that is – you’re dreaming up plans for your booming business.

Q. How does a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) work?

Once a company contracts with Pay Plus Benefits, we co-employ your employees and are responsible for the business of employment - including workers’ compensation, human resource, payroll, and employee tax compliance. We also provide a complete human resource and benefit package for your worksite employees. You retain responsibility for managing your business operations and service. Together we share certain responsibilities for employment law compliance.

Q. When contracting with Pay Plus Benefits, do I still have control of my employees?

As the work-site employer, business owner or manager you set the work schedules, paid leave policies, rate of pay, and vacation time. You remain the supervisory employer and retain responsibility for hiring and recruiting, job duties, daily conduct of the workers, and safety at the work site.

Q. Do I hire/fire my employees?

It is entirely up to you, the business owner or manager, to determine who will be hired and/or fired at your company. Our HR department is an excellent resource should you or your employees have any questions regarding these topics.


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