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  • The above price cost includes license and implementation cost for 500 employees

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The Payroll solution by PCsoft is not merely a tool to process Salary and generate Pay slips but is a truly integrated software which not only facilitates the various departments wise salary but statutory compliance as per various Labor Laws applicable in India like P.F., E.S.I., LWF, Factories Act, Employment Exchange and Income Tax and other employee benefits.

Product Features
The Payroll Package enables the sharing of information and automates tasks handled by them. Once the concerned department enters specific information, it will be readily available to other departments.

HRD & Employee Information:
• Employee details
• Pre recruitment cycle
• Award Won
• Warning given
• Training details
• Suspension
• Transfer within Group Companies
Payroll Processing 
Defining Salary Structure
Statutory Parameterization
Earning and Deduction applicable for the particular month
Previous month’s attendance adjustment (Day’s Arrears)
Payments to employees outside the salary slip (Entitlements / Reimbursements)
Attendance Management
• Daily (i.e. Interface with any Automated Time Attendance System)
• Monthly (Consolidated)
Leave and Paid Holiday Management
• Facility to define Multiple Leave Rules on the basis of different categories. E.g. Management,Staff, Workers.
• Facility to maintain Yearly Paid Holiday Master
• Leave Application
• Leave Authorization by the appropriate authority
• Leaves Enjoyed
• Out Duty transactions
• Consideration of the leaves sanctioned in Daily Time Attendance recording as well as Monthly Consolidated Attendance.
Daily Attendance
• Defining & configuring the Shifts with late coming and Early going rules.
• Facility to parameterize max. Late time allowed per shift and max no. of occurrences allowed per month. •Capturing & correction the data
• Parameterization to charge penalty for Late Coming and Early Going and linking it with the Balance Leaves.
• Generating reports such as Shift wise strength, late comings, Absentees, etc.
Income Tax
• Parameterization of various latest Income Tax Rules such as
• Exemption under Section 10
• Perquisite calculations such as Rent Free Accommodation, Car perquisites, Driver perquisites etc.
• Slabs / Percentages for Tax, Surcharge, Standard Deduction,
• Rebate
• Loan perquisite Auto calculations
• NSC interest auto calculations
• Capturing Investment declared (estimated) or Actual
• Capturing Previous Employment earning details
• Defining various perks given to the Employee outside salary /pay slip
• Calculating Tax liability based on estimated or actual investment
• Capturing details of Tax Paid into the credit of the Government
• Generating eTDS, Form 16, Form 12 BA ??Loans & Advances
• Unlimited User defined & configurable Loan types
• Issuing Fresh loans to Employees
• Repayment / settlement of loan outside Pay Slip
• Enhancement of existing loans
Termination / Quitting and Full and Final Settlement
• Generation of reliving letter
• Final Settlement calculations including Last Month's Salary, Loans
• Recovery, Leave Encashment, Gratuity calculation, Bonus
• Yearly Benefits payable / recoverable, etc.
User based security
• Defining valid users & assigning appropriate rights
Bonus Processing
• Unlimited user defined Bonus Types
• Facility to select Bonus applicable earning heads (Basic only or Basic + D.A. or Gross Salary)
• Company level or for each Bonus Type defined
• Tagging the respective Bonus type to the Employee
• Calculating the Bonus as per the parameters defined
• Generating the reports
• The Employees’ Provident Fund
PF Challan (Current or Back dated)
PF covering letter
PF form 12A summery
Form 2 nomination and declaration form
Forms 3A / 6A / 12A / 3(EPS) / 7(EPS) / 8(EPS) / 6A / 16 / 21
Reconciliation statement
Soft Copy generation as per the Format provided by the Government
• The Employee State Insurance (ESI)
ESI Challan(Current or Back dated)
ESI Form 3
Form 1 Nomination and Declaration
ESI record for disablement benefit
Half yearly statement Form 5, 6, 7 and 10
Summary report
• Professional Tax (PT)
PT Challan (Current or Back dated)
PT summery report
• Labor Welfare Fund (LWF)
Labor Welfare Fund six monthly report
• Income Tax (TDS)
TDS projection report
TDS statement Form 24- Annual and Quarterly
Perquisite report ( Form 12 BA)
Investment report
• Factories Act
Form V Annual Return
Leave Register (Form 20)
• The Employment Exchange (Compulsory notification of Vacancies) Rules
ER Form I Quarterly
ER Form II Biannual
• National Sample Survey(NSS) report
• Payment of Gratuity Act
Gratuity Statement
Gratuity Form F Nomination Form
• Payroll Master
• Payment of Bonus Act
Bonus Statement
Form C
Form D
Non Statutory Reports
• Pay Slip
Day’s Arrears
Increment Arrears
T format
• Salary Statements
Day’s Arrears
Increment Arrears
Standard format
Earning Report
Deduction Report
Net Pay Report
• Attendance Report
Absenteeism Report
Leave Balance Report
Overtime Report
• Daily Attendance Reports
Daily In / Out Report
Late Coming Report
Early Going Report 
Daily Overtime Report
• Bank Reports
Bank wise bank statement
Bank wise summary
Covering letter
Soft Copy of Bank Statement as per predefined format 
• Entitlement Report
LTA Statement
Medical Statement
• Other Reports
Payroll Summery
Variation Report
Rate History Report
Specific Earning / Deduction wise Report
Multiple Earning / Deduction wise Report
Birth date wise Report
Blood group wise Report
Joining / Leaving Statistics
Employee wise CTC Report 

About The Company
PCSOFT is an IT solutions development company engaged in the business of providing Integrated ERP Software for Manufacturers since 1988. PCSOFT currently has a dynamic team of 100 highly qualified executives, possessing unmatched proficiency in all facets of ERP software, including technology procreation, development, implementation and support. The company has great exposure to real life ERP implementation spanning over a Million Man Days and includes in excess of 700 site deployments. The company believes that the upshot of their narrow focus and dedication to a singular craft has helped gain superior domain knowledge and core-competence as compared to other Indian IT players who prefer to chase hundreds of unrelated markets (like BPO, bespoke software development and others). The company has single focus and commitment to ERP technology and have been a single product/single market company from the start.

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