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About Pelagian Payroll Program

Pelagian Payroll Program enables the admin to restrict/control the rights to access information as per the user type and user need with options to change password, adding a limit on the options where users can get the required information, add or delete users. The attendance management in the solution helps the user manage attendance of the users and create pay slips for salary disbursements. The solution enables the user to manage salaries of employees with various required features like staff salary voucher, PF and ESI deductions, staff attendance register maintenance, salary transfer letter to bank, customization of addition and deductions. The system triggers SMS(s) to employees when their salaries are credited.




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About Pelagian

Pelagian Softwares is a software development & web designing company which creates an exciting opportunity for businesses to move a step ahead in the competitive market. The company offers innovative techniques that present a smooth way of becoming profitable in the business by helping them operate effectively and efficiently. The company focuses on automation and promotes the domain business by providing standard as well as customized softwares which are designed and developed by dexterous and well qualified professionals. The company regularly explores better techniques and confidently applies it for providing trustworthy products which later help achieve expected levels.
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Below are some frequently asked questions for Pelagian Payroll Program

Q. What is mathamatics of leave?

Leave mathamatics is very simple and based on monthly and yearly basis. You have full authority to allow leave according to your wish.

Q. In such case when employees don't use leave balance can it will be added to next financial year?

No, in such case employee's leave balance will not be added and it will be eventually collapsed in the new financial year. Leave balance is only for current financial year. If you have leave balance in such circumstances salary will not be affected.

Q. Do we need to purchase special stationery?

You do not need to purchase any special stationery, as most reports, including payslips, can be printed on plain A4 papers.

Q. Can I check salary details of each employee separately?

Obliviously you have facility to check out salary detail of any preferred employee individually.

Q. In case of fixed salary can attendance affect Salary Sheet of employee?

No. If you categorize employee in fixed salary head and such employees don't fulfill attendance requirement, no effect will be in their salary. Whatsoever you have defined salary for them you need to pay. In brief, whether employ's attendance is complete or incomplete their salary will not be affected in such case.


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