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Poly EncorePro HW520

Sold by : Poly

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About Poly EncorePro HW520

What is Poly EncorePro HW520? 

Poly EncorePro HW520 is a corded headset designed for call centre operations. It has a customized build to support heavy-duty customer service-oriented tasks. The headset facilitates high levels of sound clarity for both the caller and the called party. It has a dual speaker design that cloaks both the ears of the user to reduce background noises and offers a stereo quality audio. Plus, the corded headset is also equipped with noise cancellation microphone boom for outstanding voice capture. 

Poly EncorePro HW520 has a durable body made of lightweight metal for easy portability and higher longevity. The premium body design can be customized as per the user’s requirement for a quick and easy fit. Plus, it has an ergonomic structure that does not cause pain on earlobes even after long hours of usage. 

Specifications of Poly EncorePro HW520: 

  1. Connectivity Compatibility: Poly EncorePro HW520 offers direct connectivity to PC or desk phones via Poly audio processors or cable.
  2. Ideal Usage: Predominantly used for telephonic tasks.
  3. Safeguard Hearing: Poly EncorePro HW520 utilizes SoundGuard technology to protect users from abrupt loud noises. 
  4. Audio Performance: The corded headset is equipped with noise-cancelling microphone and wideband audio.

Features of Poly EncorePro HW520

  1. Poly EncorePro HW520 offers a bendable and adjustable body to fix the headset and the microphone properly.
  2. This corded headset uses aircraft-grade aluminium fixtures to enhance the structural stability between the earpieces.
  3. The entire body of Poly EncorePro HW520 is built with laser-welded construction to ensure durability and reliability.
  4. The visual and tactile boom positioning navigation results in users feeling the shift in boom for optimum microphone positioning.

Benefits of Poly EncorePro HW520

  1. Poly EncorePro HW520 offers immense call clarity. 
  2. Unibody construction makes sure the headset has a long-lasting body and reduction in breakages.
  3. Adjustable built for users of varying facial structure.
  4. Smart hardware system in place to protect users from loud noise. 

What is the price of Poly EncorePro HW520?

Please request a call for more inquiries regarding the price of Poly EncorePro HW520. Our product expert will connect with you shortly and help you through the purchasing process.

Poly EncorePro HW520 Delivery Time

4 - 5 Weeks

Warranty of Poly EncorePro HW520

Return & replace with new unit within 2 years. (Techjockey warrants your Poly devices against material or workmanship defects upon the original manufacturer’s approval.)

Sold By : Poly

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Poly EncorePro HW520 Features

The in-built microphone in this corded headset is designed to cancel out the noise from the surrounding to ensure smooth calling experience.
Users can connect this headset to PCs and desk phones.
Poly EncorePro HW520 is ideal for telephone-intensive tasks.
Users can hear the sound of moving boom for proper adjustment of microphone.  
The lightweight metallic body of Poly EncorePro HW520 is connected with laser welding for longstanding sustainability.
The corded headset is built with aircraft-grade aluminium fixtures to offer high quality adjustments.
Poly EncorePro HW520 offers a fully customizable and adjustable body that can be made to fit for almost everyone.  
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Poly EncorePro HW520 Specifications


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Poly EncorePro HW520 FAQs

A. The bandwidth of the wideband audio for Poly EncorePro HW520 is up to 6800 Hz.
A. Poly EncorePro HW520 has an over-the-head, binaural, voice tube design.
A. Poly EncorePro HW520 can handle up to 117 dBA. Once the sound crosses that level, it automatically triggers SoundGuard technology to protect the user’s earlobe.
A. The wideband audio system provides a richer, clearer, and cleaner way to conduct conversations whilst reducing listening fatigue simultaneously.
A. Yes, Poly EncorePro HW520 provides compliance with all the voluntary industry guidelines and safety legislations.

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Poly EncorePro HW520

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₹10,716.25   ₹11400


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