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About Primus KRONO

PriMus KRONO is the software solution for Projects and Works execution time schedules.  PriMus  KRONO is the construction scheduling software that helps you improve project efficiency and optimize work execution costs. Discover the SMART Construction scheduling software solution for planning and monitoring durations, costs and the resources involved in your projects.



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ACCA provides software solutions for the architecture, engineering and construction sectors.The simplicity and advanced technology that characterize ACCA’s software solutions, have revolutionized the construction industry by increasing productivity in the practices of hundreds of thousands of engineers, architects, surveyors, construction and installation companies, engineering departments, schools and universities.
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Time-Schedule preparation

PriMus KRONO is the software for creating a works time schedule including the analysis of timing, costs and resource requirements. The software allows you to manage:

  • The design stage with GANTT charts, financial diagrams and resource reports
  • The build stage with the execution GANTT chart, reports together with cost and timing variation diagrams.
Produce Time Schedules

The Time Schedule can be generated by importing “.DCF” file produced with PriMus. When importing a “.DCF” file (price list, BoQ or construction cost management documents) the generated time schedule document automatically acquires the necessary data, (general data, activities and unit rates, quantities and amounts and work sections). You can import activities from other PriMus KRONO time schedules or from PriMus construction estimating with simple drag and drop actions.

PriMus KRONO allows you to:

  • Manage and customize climate conditions
  • Configure the calendar setting up work days and bank holidays
  • Choose the time scale
  • Define the schedule layout
  • Define a new commencement date for activities, periods or for the whole time schedule
  • Graphically represent work suspensions
  • Customize the graphical styles for each task bar

By means of the financial definition of the project, PriMus KRONO allows the operator to control lead times, advances in work, guarantees, payments, etc. With the economic and financial diagrams, daily productivity based data can be viewed filtered down to a given date, both during the planning and the works execution phases (work in progress).

PriMus KRONO handles both the Planned and Works execution time-schedule in the same document: simply indicate the real works start date to get the works execution time schedule. The execution time schedule is generated automatically from the project. It can be easily adjusted by shifting tasks or changing their duration. The works execution time-schedule indicates the amounts of work actually completed. The completed work amounts can be displayed graphically or analytically by entering for each Activity or Period, the completed Quantities.

PriMus KRONO allows you to print the planned or works execution time schedule with the Table of Activities and Table of Dates and Amounts. These documents can be printed or exported to Word, HTML or PDF file formats. An internal word processor lets you create and manage your Time-schedule Report and the Works execution Report. Reports can be printed on normal paper or exported in RTF format.

PriMus KRONO also integrates with the PriMus software taking full advantage of the Price List Management features: a list of time schedule activities can be opened as a normal PriMus Price List document and modified in its dedicated internal editor. Any changes (for example rate percentage updates) are then re-aligned with the PriMus KRONO document. The PriMus KRONO integration process with PriMus, makes it possible to edit work items and activity analysis (resources, quantities, costs…) or create new ones which will be automatically updated in the time-schedule.

Plans and Pricing


Monthly subscription

Rs. 715.00 ( Per Month )

  • Best price for Primus KRONO
  • Valid for 3 PCs
  • Time Schedule preparation
  • Drag & Drop
  • Financial Management
  • Planning Management

Yearly subscription

Rs. 4690.00

  • Best price for Primus KRONO
  • Valid for 3 PCs
  • Time Schedule preparation
  • Drag & Drop
  • Financial Management
  • Planning Management


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