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The Touche POS is as functionally powerful an F&B retail POS as any available internationally. It is designed for quick service in fast food outlets, for customer care in fine dining and for flexibility in food courts & industrial catering. Special features include the option of dual display terminals & kitchen display for QSRs, a unique repeat diner profiler for fine dining and stored value account handling for food courts & institutional catering units. The integrated purchase, stocks and costing functions can be performed at the outlet. Or, in chains these functions can be performed at any one or more of the outlet, commissary kitchens or the head office. These functions can be centralized with each outlet and commissary remotely accessing the database to perform transactions.



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About Prologic First

Prologic First is an employee owned software development and marketing company based in India. The company was formed in 1997 by a group of highly experienced hospitality IT professionals.

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  • Multiple restaurants and multiple POS terminals per restaurant
  • Unlimited items, unlimited item groups
  • Condiments and modifiers
  • Open items
  • KOT printer destination per Outlet and item Group combination
  • Multiple menus per restaurant, each with multiple pricing
  • Happy hours
  • Promotions, such as, buy one get one free
  • Graphical designer for on-screen item key layout

  • Resizable item key with colour and graphics
  • Hide/ show function menu key
  • Default table number, server number and covers
  • Key to recall most recent four checks

  • Multiple levels of users each with different sub-set of capabilities
  • Optional, log-in by swiping magnetic Id card
  • User configurable automatic lock-out when terminal not in use

  • Post or void items with automatic pricing
  • Tax/VAT & service calculation
  • Cover wise order taking
  • Course wise order taking
  • Move check/items
  • Void check/ item
  • Split checks

  • KOT comments on item
  • Automatic KOT printing
  • Master KOT printing
  • Kitchen display/ bump bar
  • Mark items as served

  • Pre-set or ad-hoc discounts
  • Check printing to cut-sheet or continuous paper
  • Optional re-printing of check with count of stationery used
  • Settlement by cash, card, voucher, debit card, hotel guest room, non-room folio or city/debtors ledger
  • Multiple settlement modes per check
  • Tips handling

  • Colour coded status display
  • Free table
  • Occupied table
  • Order pending
  • Delay in service
  • Ready for pick-up
  • Served
  • Blocked

  • Dual Monitor Service
  • Customer display
  • Product promotion
  • Frequent diner profiles
  • Personal details
  • Home- delivery directions
  • Outlet wise visits summary
  • Product popularity

  • Operating reports through the day
  • Cashier shift reports
  • Control reports - voids, open checks and discounts
  • Sales and settlement scroll
  • Item sales statistics
  • Covers analysis

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Touche POS


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