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Penguin App provides best retail POS billing software for small and big retail business. Our retail POS software is fully integrated to track billing, inventory and Customer management



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About Prompt

Prompt Equipments Pvt Ltd started its journey in 1978 in order to provide technology solutions to its customers in the dairy, retail, software, weighing & logistic industry. The company has more than 30 years of experience in providing designed softwares and advanced technology machines. It remains a pioneer w.r.t providing devices to the dairy industry so that they also enjoy a fair deal and modern ways to do business. It delivers exceptional products including AMCS, online check weigher, fatomatic and Penguin app.
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The customers are provided with an option to merge or regenerate the bill and settle the same using any of the modes like cash, cheque, and debit/credit cards.

The restaurant staff has the provision to track and manage the stock/inventory of ingredients in real-time, automatically and manually both ways.

Restaurant managers can enhance the user experience by customizing the menu of the restaurant including adding a description, images, ingredients

The feedback management module lets you take improved decisions based on the feedback given by customers for your restaurant’s food and services.

The guard or the manager can take the orders of the customers beforehand and assign them exact waiting time to avoid any inconvenience

Penguin cloud is built around standard security protocols providing efficient data security.

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Penguin App Retail


  • Billing Software
  • Inventory Management
  • Menu Manager
  • Customer Manager
  • Cloud Support
  • Owner App
  • Data Security


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Below are some frequently asked questions for Penguin App Retail

Q. How old is this company?can i rely on its products?

Prompt Softech is a part of Prompt Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Prompt Equipments Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1978. Ever since Prompt Softech was founded in 2011, the organization has been providing technology solutions to the industry. For the past one year, it is serving the Restaurant and Retail industries. PENGUIN is a result of complete two years of R&D in the restaurant and hotel industry to find solutions to all the gaps and faults in business management. PENGUIN comprises of advanced software and technologies which other companies haven’t yet thought of. PENGUIN team comprises of professionals who are specialized in technical development and management. Thus, you should choose the leader who is successful in restaurant management systems i.e. PENGUIN from Prompt

Q. What is penguin and how does it work?

Penguin is a complete Wi-Fi Restaurant Management App that includes Wi-Fi thermal printers, Wi-Fi Token Display, Admin main software, Queue, Kitchen, and Captain applications. In conventional restaurant management, Captains take an order on paper, pass it to the waiter for making its entry with the operator, and later take it to the kitchen, bar, or pantry. In this situation, not only does the legwork of the waiter increases, but a lot of manual interaction and interpretation is required. This results in wastage of time where the customers have to wait for the service from the waiter leading to increased pressure and poor order management. With PENGUIN Sim-less Tablet, the Captain can take orders on a wireless touchpad. The Captain has to just add the item and order from his Tablet, and soon the KOT/BOT is generated at the respective departments thru Wi-Fi and portable thermal printer. Likewise, the same reflects on the cash counter machines (server). The Captain and waiter need not leave the service area which helps in providing the customers with better service. (Captain can add remarks in the order like less spicy, medium, Jain, ½, etc.)

Q. What is SAAS model?

SAAS (Software as a Service) model gives you a flexible and convenient option to deploy Penguin App at your Restaurant. No big investment is needed as it has monthly subscription payment method. Pay a little to make your restaurant hi-tech

Q. How flexible is the system?

The system gives flexibility to work in the stress-free environment, as now the Captain doesn’t need to move around much. Now, they can address their customers’ needs and help in better positioning of the restaurant. The cashier can view the entire table status and monitor the order items. The waiters have minimal work i.e. to pick up the order and serve on the table. They do not need to wait for the entry or preparation of items. We’ve developed an intelligible system that anyone can avail. The system is fully customized and admired by renowned hospitality groups


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